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Stored procedures
Adds a row into:
  • a Table control,
  • a TreeView Table control,
Remark: It is recommended to use TableAddLine. TableAddLine is used to add:
  • TAB characters into the columns,
  • all types of values into the columns.
// Add "Moore", "Vince" and "06/21/72"
// at the end of the "TABLE_CustomerTable" control
ResAdd = TableAdd(TABLE_CustomerTable, "Moore" + TAB + "Vince" + TAB + "06/21/72")
<Result> = TableAdd(<Table control> [, <Row>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the element was added,
  • False otherwise.
<Table control>: Control name
Name of control to use. This control can correspond to:
  • a Table control.
  • a TreeView Table control.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), the control to which the current event belongs will be used.
<Row>: Optional character string
Row to add. This row has the following format:
<Element of column 1> + TAB + <Element of column 2> + TAB + ...

If this parameter is not specified, an empty row is added into the control. For a browsing control, the default values defined in the linked data file are taken into account.

Use conditions

TableAdd can be used on:
  • a browsing or memory control,
  • a single-selection or multiselection control.

Characteristics of a row

  • Each added element is converted into the type of the relevant column.
  • To specify no value for an element, use an empty string ("") or 0 (according to the type of column). For example:
    TableAdd(TABLE_CustomerTable, "Moore" + TAB + "Vince" + TAB + "" + TAB + "06/21/72")
  • If an element corresponds to the calculation result, the numeric expression must be enclosed in brackets. For example:
    TableAdd(TABLE_CalcTable, (53+29) + TAB + (83-21))

Position of added row

By default, the row is added at the end of the rows displayed by the control.
Special case:
  • If the control is sorted by TableSort, the added row is positioned in the control according to the current sort.
  • If the control is sorted by the user, the sort is ignored when inserting the row. The row is added at the end of control.

Limits: Maximum number of rows displayed

The maximum number of rows that can be displayed in a Table or TreeView Table control is limited by the amount of available memory (theoretical maximum: 2 billion rows).
However, we do not advise you to use large Table or TreeView Table controls for performance and user-friendliness reasons (time required to fill the control for example).


  • To add a row at a specific position in a Table or TreeView Table control, use TableInsertLine.
  • If the added row is the first row of the control, the added row becomes the current row.

Adding images

To add an image into a Table or TreeView Table control:
    Remark: The column must be an Image column otherwise the added image will not be displayed properly.
    Component : wd250obj.dll
    Minimum version required
    • Version 9
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