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  • New features in Update 1 (version 280075)
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Stored procedures
Here are the new features that you will discover in this version. Several improvements have been made to this version.
New features in Update 1 (version 280075)
  • New Touch skin template (larger controls, ideal for touch-based applications).
Window editor
  • Space out: You can now space out a selection of controls, i.e. increase horizontal and vertical spacing between the controls. Caution: the position of controls next to the selection is not modified.
  • Enlarge windows: You can now enlarge a selection, window or the entire project by selecting a scaling factor. This scaling factor is applied to the controls in the window, to the fonts and styles (optional). You can also create an "enlarged" skin template. This makes it possible to apply the enlargement by simply applying this new skin template.
  • Edit control: A new type of Edit control is available: Markdown read-only. This type of Edit control allows you to use Markdown formatting. Users will be able to select and scroll the content.
  • Templates: Optimized update of templates.
Real-time performance profiler
  • Optimizations
Automatic Application Features: Dialog box customization
  • Your applications use standard dialog boxes and you want to make AAFs available to your users? Simply go to the project description, "Style" tab and indicate that system windows should be displayed "With AAFs".
  • To fully customize dialog boxes, the "Custom" option allows you to integrate the corresponding windows into the project via the WDAAF component.
  • Connection to a Git server through SSH (without requesting username or password again).
  • Faster SCM: The following actions are now faster:
    • Using the SCM in the Cloud.
    • Checking elements in.
    • Branch creation.
    • Opening the SCM administrator.
    • Deleting files.
    • Deleting directories.
    • Actions on projects with a large number of files.
  • Runtime target: when testing Linux applications (Go icon), the execution platform will be "Linux" (and not "Windows").
  • WBAdminCreateAccount: To add WEBDEV accounts, the Windows account used must be the Server administrator.
  • xlsRecalculateAll: Recalculates all formulas in an Excel (XLSX) document.
  • xlsGetMerge: Determines if a cell is merged with other cells and gets the range of merged cells.
  • DisplayAsMarkdown: Indicates whether or not an Edit control displays its content in Markdown format.
  • xlsCell type: You can now define a formula for a cell in a document using the Cell property . The xlsRecalculateAll function recalculates the value of the formula.
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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