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Stored procedures
Managing the users
The WEBDEV Hosting Control Center is used to simplify the creation of user accounts. The default parameters proposed when creating a new account can be entered in the "Hosting parameters" tab.
From the list of users, you have the ability to:
Create a new user
The "New user" button allows you to create a new user. A wizard starts. In this wizard:
  1. Enter the name of the user and his password (the "Generate" button is used to create a random password).
  2. Specify whether the account is a WEBDEV administrator account. In this case, this account will be able to configure the other user accounts via the remote administrator.
  3. Specify whether the account must be enabled or not.
  4. Specify whether the user names and passwords must be synchronized with the ones found in the WEBDEV account. If not, specify the names and passwords.
  5. Specify whether the passwords expire or not.
  6. Give the characteristics of the contact associated with the WEBDEV account.
  7. Select the directory for FTP connection and the different sub-directories (sites, data, virtual site).
  8. Specify the maximum number of connections allowed for the account and, if necessary, the maximum number of sites that can be installed.
  9. Select or specify the parameters of the HFSQL Client/Server server that must be associated with the user account.
  10. Specify whether an existing virtual Web site must be used. If not, specify the parameters of the virtual site to create.
  11. Choose the FTP server that will be used to deploy the WEBDEV sites.
  12. A summary of the steps that will be performed to create the account is displayed.
Editing a user account
A user account is edited via the "Details" button of each user account. The different tabs allow you to modify the different parameters.
Deleting a user account
A user account is deleted via the "Delete" button of each user account.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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