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Benefit from the 180 new features of version 24
Version 24 offers 180 common new features.
Of course, WINDEV Mobile 24 benefits from most of these 180 common new features, in particular: sharing projects with WEBDEV, splitting business logic/GUI code (MV method), centralized management of project images, changes in the window editor, new interface of the analysis editor, online examples, SCM sharing, changes in the code editor, new prefixed WLanguage syntaxes, private and public key management, Webservice frame analysis, ...
And WINDEV Mobile 24 also benefits from many new features that are specific to the mobile world.
Gallery control on WINDEV Mobile 24
The Image Gallery control is now available on WINDEV Mobile 24.
This controls allows you to display an image gallery and to manage in a sophisticated way the routes and displays without programming.
Clicks on images are automatically managed, and cells are enlarged.
This Image Gallery control is also available on WINDEV and WEBDEV, and its behavior is identical in all 3 products.
The portability of applications is thus improved.
The display of the control adapts to the screen, the control is "Responsive".
Images can be aligned in rows or columns, depending on image format or screen orientation.
Gallery control: Feature summary
  • Images can be arranged in rows or columns.
  • Automatic re-organization of images when resizing the window.
  • Pressing and holding on an image zooms in in a new window.
  • The Next and Back buttons are automatically managed.
  • Gestures are supported.
  • Animation at image change.
  • Everything is automatic, but it is possible to add controls and processes. For example, it is easy to display the price of an item and add a "Buy" button on it...
  • The pull-to-refresh functionality is automatic.
  • The "Infinite Looper" option can be checked.
  • ...
Token control on WINDEV Mobile 24
The new Token control is available in WINDEV Mobile 24.
This type of control is used, for example, to view the choices made by the end user, or to manage an item entry list. See new feature 007.
Entering a list of emails in a Token control
Entering a list of emails in a Token control
Organizer control on WINDEV Mobile 24
The Organizer Control is available on WINDEV Mobile 24.
This control complements the Scheduler control (which is already available) in a smart way.
An organizer allows you to manage the time schedule of a single person (a single resource).
Displaying an organizer is therefore easier and more readable than displaying a scheduler, especially on a small screen.
WINDEV Mobile manages all the uses of the control by the end user.
Touch use by the end user is managed automatically, without programming: moving appointments, ...
Of course, all features and behaviors are also accessible by programming.
Switch control
The Switch control, which is widely used in mobile interfaces, offers new features adapted to mobile devices.
The end user uses it either by dragging the cursor or by tapping directly on the desired side.
5 examples of switch controls
5 examples of switch controls
Switch control in a window
Real-Time Chart control
The Real-Time Chart control appears in WINDEV Mobile 24.
This control automatically displays the chart of incoming data, ... continuously.
The chart "glides" on the screen.
See new feature 035.
Assisted input in your apps
In version 24, assisted input is available in your applications.
The AssistedInputXXX functions allow managing words or sentences proposed in the assistance.
Creation of SOAP & REST Webservices
In version 24, the creation of SOAP and REST Webservices is available in WINDEV Mobile.
Don't switch from one environment to another to create your Webservices!
Default Splash Screen : a contemporary look
As you know, when you create a mobile application, a splash screen is added by default (it can be customized or deleted).
In version 24, this splash screen offers a more modern look.
Modern splash screens for your apps
Modern splash screens for your apps|thumb|600px
"7 tabs" of the action bar : a new look!
When you develop applications, the "7 tabs" interface for creating the action bar is simplified and grouped together.
When developing a cross-platform application, system-specific options are indicated.
For example, the "text color" option, which is available only on iOS, can be filled in, and the parameter will be ignored when running on Android.
The new 7 tab interface
The new 7 tab interface
Cross-platform: Wizard for transforming WINDEV applications into mobile
As you know, transforming WINDEV applications into Mobile is very easy.
WINDEV Mobile includes all the elements of WINDEV projects: Windows, Queries, Code, ... all of it without ever leaving the WINDEV editor (of course, it is necessary to have a WINDEV Mobile license).
Sure, the windows must be resized so that they fit phone and tablet screens.
And there are also code adaptations to be made for features not supported on mobile phones, such as the absence of a mouse on a tablet!
In version 24, an assistant analyses the code of your project and indicates precisely the lines of code to be modified.
2 new skin templates for mobile devices
The Material Design Blue 2 and Ninja skin templates for mobile are delivered with version 24: use them as you like to customize your apps!
HSQLDrive: your data files can be made available in the cloud in 3 clicks (mobile backend)
A recurring issue for mobile business applications is "where will I store my data files so that they can be accessed from anywhere and by all users?".
With WINDEV Mobile 24, the answer is simple : in the cloud with HFSQLDrive!
In version 24, it is possible to host your data files without having to create a hosting platform.
With HFSQLDrive, you create your account, get immediate login credentials, and install (or create) your data files in your secure cloud, all in 3 clicks.
And within a minute, your applications can access this data in read and write mode.
HFSQLDrive offers a fixed, very attractive fee.
Note: there is also the private cloud, with PCScloud.net which allows you, among other things, to define dedicated platforms and to store and share your data files.
HFSQLDrive, Mobile data files in the cloud in a few clicks
No complicated settings. Just answer a few questions, and your data files will immediately be accessible in the cloud and usable by all authorized users of your applications.
HFSQLDrive: invoicing
HFSQLDrive invoicing is based on simple criteria.
Different fees apply according to various parameters:
  • Volume of data stored.
  • Number of simultaneous users.
  • Reading/writing limit (in millions per day).
Backup options are also available.
An HFSQLDrive dashboard allows you to edit these options.
If 100 or more users are accessing the data simultaneously, note that it is preferable to subscribe to a dedicated platform on PCSCloud.net.
HFSQLDrive: features
All HFSQL features are available:
  • programming commands, of course,
  • queries,
  • control center,
  • user account creation,
  • rights management,
  • automatic modifications,
  • ...
Automatic backup options are available.
HFSQLDrive: WINDEV Mobile, but also WINDEV and WEBDEV
HFSQLDrive also works on WINDEV and WEBDEV.
This makes it easy to set up interconnected applications, front-ends / back-ends in WINDEV or WEBDEV, ...
Common new features for mobile
iOS development has never been as powerful as with WINDEV Mobile 24. You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to all the existing ones.
iOS evolves, and so does WINDEV Mobile 24.
WINDEV Mobile 24 for iOS benefits from the general common features of version 24, plus features common to mobile devices: Gallery control, Token control, Organizer control, Switch control, Real-Time Chart control, creation of SOAP and REST Webservices, HFSQLDrive, ...
And in addition to the general common new features, in addition to the common new features specific to mobile devices, version 24 offers the following new features for iOS.
iOS 12
WINDEV Mobile 24 supports iOS 12.
Note that Apple has announced that as of March 2019, all new applications and updates of existing applications on the Apple Store must have been compiled for iOS 12 and take into account the iPhone Xs Max.
iPhone XR, XS, XS Max
The iPhone Xs has a screen resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels at 458 ppi.
The iPhone Xs Max has a screen resolution of 2,688 x 1,242 pixels at 458 ppi.
The iPhone XR has a resolution of 1,792 x 828 pixels at 326 ppi.
WINDEV Mobile 24 supports all of these screen resolutions.
Facial recognition is available with CheckUserIdentity.
All iPhone features are available with WINDEV Mobile 24.
Apple Watch 4
WINDEVB Mobile supports the Apple Watch 4.
Note that Apple has announced that as of March 2019, all new applications and updates of existing Apple Watch applications on the Apple Store must have been compiled for iOS 12 and take into account the Apple Watch series 4.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): Machine learning on iPhone and iPad
The latest iPhone models are equipped with a processor that has features dedicated to neural networks, capable of performing 5 billion operations per second!
Apple provides an SDK (CoreML) that makes it possible to take advantage of these features.
WINDEV Mobile 24 allows you to interface with this SDK, and thus implement AI features in your applications.
GO of application under development directly on the iPhone, without a Mac, without an emulator!
When developing an application for iOS (iPhone or iPad), WINDEV Mobile 24 allows you to test the application being developed (launch a GO) without having to recompile it on Mac, but directly on the iPhone or iPad.
All you have to do is download once and for all the WMDEV app available for free on the Apple store.
The iPhone must be on the same network as the computer (on the same Wi-fi for example).
You have to do it only once: during the very first GO from WINDEV Mobile, a QR Code is displayed in the environment.
Simply launch the WMDEV application and scan this QR Code.
This automatically establishes communication between the WINDEV Mobile editor and the computer on which WMDEV is installed.
Then, during the next GOs, WMDEV automatically downloads the elements necessary to launch the test.
Note that this feature is subject to Apple's discretion and Apple may decide to remove the application to download from its store.
Please accept our apologies in advance if Apple withdraws the application.
Debugging iOS applications, without Mac, directly on iPhone or iPad!
WINDEV Mobile 24 also allows you to debug your iOS application directly on the device thanks to the new "GO on phone" option.
The application on the phone is controlled by the debugger.
You can then access the debugger: breakpoints, step by step, content of variables, stacks, ...
Launch the debugger on the device
NFC on iPhone
In version 24, NFC functions are available on iPhone. For example, a WINDEV Mobile application allows you to open a hotel room door (hotels that offer this service).
Open your hotel room door with your iPhone (or your Android smartphone!)
Swift code : direct input in the code editor
WINDEV Mobile 24 allows you to enter Swift code directly.
Syntax highlighting is very helpful.
It is possible to call WLanguage code from Swift code, and also to call Swift code from WLanguage code.
The code editor in WINDEV Mobile 24 is open to other technologies: in the example, Swift code input
7 new types
7 new types of variables are available for iOS:
4 new properties
New properties for iOS are available in WLanguage.
Common new features for mobile
Android development has never been as powerful as with WINDEV Mobile 24. You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to existing ones.
Android evolves, and so does WINDEV Mobile 24.
WINDEV 24 for Android benefits from the general common features of version 24, plus features common to mobile devices: Gallery control, Token control, Organizer control, Switch control, Real-Time Chart control, creation of SOAP and REST Webservices, HFSQLDrive, ...
And in addition to the general common new features, in addition to the common new features specific to mobile devices, version 24 offers the following new features especially for Android.
Radar chart
In version 24, the Radar chart is also available for Android.
Radar chart on Android smartphone
The IoT functions of the MQTT family are also available on Android.
These functions make it possible to communicate with brokers that use this standard to manage subscriber devices: temperature sensor, delivery tracker, ...
android file selector
Here, the URISelect function displays 4 folders, 2 PDF documents, 1 text document and 1 image.
URISelect, a new WLanguage function for Android, appears in version 24.
URI is the acronym for Uniform Resource Identifier. URI is an identifier that indicates where the file is located: on the phone, on Google Drive, on an FTP, ...
This function is the equivalent of the fSelect Windows function, but returns a URI type.
It allows you to propose navigation through all files, directories and resources on the phone.
The hamburger menu is automatically enabled to select the source.
WLanguage "Control" type
The Control type is also available on Android.
The ..Process property is very powerful and allows overriding the behavior of controls!
The default process of controls can be modified using this property.
Rectangle and Point types
The Rectangle and Point types are available on Android.
Array items
In version 24, the Array items are (finally) available on Android! This feature is available for Embedded HFSQL and Client/Server HFSQL.
Bar code printing
In version 24, the iPrintBarCode function is available for Android.
Android notifications: badge on the app icon
On Android, system notifications offer Android-specific features.
WINDEV Mobile 24 makes it possible to manage these specific features.
The first specific feature is the possibility to display a badge on the application icon.
The ..Badge property is used to modify this badge.
The badge (the orange circle with the number 8) is a piece of information that can be displayed on the app icon.
Android notifications: channels
Examples of notification categories for one of your apps: the end user can configure each of the categories that your app has defined
It is possible to trigger notifications by programming.
In version 24, it is possible to define notification groups ("channels").
These groups appear in the application settings.
The end user can thus configure the display of each of these groups.
Note that notifications can be displayed on a locked screen.
Chrome OS
The Chrome Operating System allows Android applications to run on different hardware (not just phones and tablets).
New Chrome OS-specific functionalities appear in version 24:
  • minimum & maximum size support for windows in window mode
  • mouse support: hover, right click, cursor and tooltip events.
  • detection of held-down keys.
  • ...
The report editor generates the "iPrint" of the report
In version 24, the report editor makes it possible to generate the sequence of WLanguage iPrint commands that correspond to the static report.
The controls are positioned in the same way they appear in the report editor.
The font, color and attributes are kept.
This allows you to use the report generator as a print code generator.
The generated code is structured, with an internal procedure for each block, for example.
Preset controls are identified, and generated with the WLanguage code that is needed to keep them working.
Then, simply add a little code to make loops, replace variables, ...
It is also possible to request the generation of the code only for a control or a block.
Android devices with keyboard
An Android device can have a physical keyboard, or can be connected to a physical keyboard (through the Samsung DeX system for example). WINDEV Mobile 24 manages keyboard events, with the possibility of intercepting them in WLanguage code.
Java 9 support
WINDEV Mobile 24 supports Java 9.
WinSize WLanguage function
The WinSize function is now managed in version 24.
The positioning of non-maximized windows is also managed.
..InputMask property: customize
In version 24, the ..InputMask property accepts custom masks on Android.
This property makes it possible to create custom masks.
Framework X86 Intel
In version 24, applications made with WINDEV Mobile also work on devices equipped with Intel x86 processors: certain Chromebooks, tablets, phones, ...
This increases the portability of your applications even more.
Maven repository is supported in version 24.
This allows access to a wider choice of external libraries.
64-bit HFSQL
The embedded version of HFSQL is also available in 64-bit version for Android.
All of the (dxxx functions) can accept a Color type instead of the RGB color.
WLanguage, 7 new types
7 new types of variables are available for Android:
Common new features
WINDEV Mobile 24 for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded benefits from the common new features of version 24.
15 New functions for Windows Mobile and CE
Common new features
UWP development benefits from the common new features of version 24. See new features 048 to 197.
New environment
UWP development also benefits from the new development environment of version 24.
In version 24, advanced frames are supported on UWP: border radius, line thickness, ...
Frame configuration in UWP
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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