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Page control

The "Peeling Corner" control allows you to create visual effects in a page by presenting an image partially covered by another one. When the control is hovered by the mouse cursor, the above image is progressively folded in order to make the underneath image appear, like a peeling corner underneath which the page below would appear.
Creating a Peeling Corner control
To create a Peeling Corner control:
  1. On the "Creation" pane, in the "Usual controls" group, expand "Image" and select "Peeling Corner".
  2. Click the position where the control will be created in the page. The wizard for control creation starts.
  3. In the wizard, specify:
    • the image to peel over.
    • the corner of the image that will be revealed.
  4. Validate. The control is automatically created.
Characteristics of a Peeling Corner control
The description window of the control is used to define:
  • the image that will be uncovered by the peeling corner ("General" tab).
  • the operation that must be performed on the controls by the Peeling Corner control ("General" tab). This information is identical to the one for the buttons. See Choosing the type of button for more details.
  • the action that must be performed during the click on the image ("General" tab). See Action associated with the button for more details.
  • the image used for the peeling effect ("Style" tab).
  • the uncovered corner of the image ("Style" tab).
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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