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Error 301: Unknown identifier
You are using a name of control, constant or variable that does not exist or that was not declared beforehand.
Caution: This error can appear as an error or as a warning ("Project .. Project description .. Compilation .. Compilation or unknown identifiers").Caution: This error can appear as an error or as a warning according to the management mode of unknown identifiers chosen in the project description:
  1. On the "Project" pane, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
  2. Display the "Compilation" tab.
  3. The compilation mode of unknown identifiers can be:
    • Strict mode: triggers a compilation error.
    • Permissive mode: performs an implicit declaration and triggers a warning.
Check the spelling of the object used and modify its name if necessary.
Reminder: The syntactic coloring found in the code editor enables you to find out whether you are using a known identifier or not: if the identifier is unknown, its name is displayed in red.
If the spelling is correct, check the existence of the control, variable or procedure and create this control, variable or procedure if necessary.
Tip: To create a procedure directly from its name, position the cursor on the name and press the F4 key.

Error found in the spelling of a variable

Code triggering the error
MyProject is string


MProject = fCurrentDir() + ProjectName
Possible correction
Check the spelling of the variable.
MyProject is string


MyProject = fCurrentDir() + ProjectName
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