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Stored procedures
Deletes an attached file from an item of the current document in Lotus Notes.
To take the deletion of this file into account, the document must be saved by NotesSave.
// Open the connection
ConnectionID is int
ConnectionID = NotesOpenConnection("Password", "MarsServer", ...
// Specify the Lotus Notes database to use
DatabaseID is int
DatabaseID = NotesOpenDatabase(ConnectionID, "julia.nsf")
// Read the first document
// Number of files attached to the "MyLotusNotesItem" item in the current Notes document
NbFiles is int
NbFiles = NotesNbAttachment(DatabaseID, "MyLotusNotesItem")
// Delete the last attached file
NotesDeleteAttachment(DatabaseID, "MyLotusNotesItem", NbFiles)
// Take this deletion into account
<Result> = NotesDeleteAttachment(<Session identifier> , <Lotus Notes item> , <File subscript>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the file was deleted,
  • False otherwise. The ErrorOccurred variable is set to True if an error occurred. To find out the name of the error, use the function ErrorInfo with the constant errMessage.
<Session identifier>: Integer
Identifier of session to use. This identifier is returned by EmailStartNotesSession or NotesOpenDatabase.
<Lotus Notes item>: Character string
Name of the Lotus Notes item (Rich Text) to which the file is attached.
Each item of a Notes document can contain up to 256 attached files.
To find out the name and type of the items found in the current Notes document, use NotesListItem.
<File subscript>: Character string
Subscript of the file to delete. This subscript corresponds to the rank of the file in the list of files for the Lotus Notes item (for example, the subscript of the 3rd attached file will be 3).
Caution: The subscripts of the files are modified when a file is deleted.
Component: wd260mess.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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