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Stored procedures
Returns the value of an XML element or the value of the attribute for an XML element.
Versions 15 and later
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
New in version 15
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
PHP This function is now available for PHP sites.
Versions 25 and later
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is now available in browser code.
New in version 25
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is now available in browser code.
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is now available in browser code.
MyDoc is string = fLoadText("example.xml")
XMLDocument("DOM", MyDoc)
sFunctionName is string = XMLRead("DOM","/Example/Help/Function")
sFunctionType is string = XMLRead("DOM","Help/Function/@type")
sFunctionName2 is string = XMLRead("DOM","Help/Function[2]")
sImage is string = XMLRead("DOM","Help[2]/@image")
sImageType is string = XMLRead("DOM","/Example/Help[@image=""line.jpg""]/@format", "NotDefined")
// Applies to the next XML document:
// <Example>
// <Help>
// <Function type="1">Read</Function>
// <Function>Write</Function>
// </Help>
// <Help image="line.jpg" format="jpg" />
// </Example>
<Result> = XMLRead(<XML document> , <Path of element to read> [, <Not found>])
<Result>: Character string
  • Value of element or value of attribute,
  • Empty string ("") or value of <Not found> parameter in the following cases:
    • if the element was not found.
    • if the element has no value
    • if the XPath query is not a query for selecting records.
      In this case, the ErrorOccurred variable is set to True and ErrorInfo returns more details about the error.
<XML document>: Character string (with quotes)
Name of XML document where the reading will be performed. This document contains the XML code to study and it was created by XMLDocument.
<Path of element to read>: Character string (with quotes)
Can correspond to:
  • the path of the value to read in the XML file. Caution: the case is taken into account (lowercase and uppercase characters). To read the value of an attribute, the name of the attribute must be preceded by the "@" character.
  • the text of an XPath query to run. The XPath query must be a query for "selecting records". If several elements match the selection, the first element found is used.
If this path does not start with "/", the name of the root node is automatically added. If the XML document has no root, <Result> will correspond to <Not found>.
<Not found>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Text to return if the element was not found. This parameter corresponds to an empty string ("") by default.

Special cases

  • XMLRead does not modify the current position in the document.
  • Several XML browse queries cannot be nested.
  • XMLRead must not be used with an XMLDocument variable. To read the content of an XMLDocument variable, use the "FOR EACH" syntax.
WEBDEV - Server code

Code wizard

The code editor proposes a code wizard used to generate the code of XMLRead. To use it, type "XMLRead(" in the code editor and select "Wizard for XMLRead".
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd260xml.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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