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Stored procedures
Indicates that a day (or a list of days) is a public holiday. This public holiday can correspond, for example, to a fixed date in a year, a regular date every year or a constant.
Remark: These public holidays will be used:
  • by the Calendar control.
  • PHP by the Organizer control.
  • PHP by the Scheduler control.
To find out whether a day is a public holiday by programming, simply use BankHoliday.
Versions 15 and later
Java This function is now available for Java applications.
New in version 15
Java This function is now available for Java applications.
Java This function is now available for Java applications.
// Delete all bank holidays
// Initialize the 11 bank holidays common to the French regions and to the French territories
BankHolidayAdd("0101") // 1st of January
BankHolidayAdd(bhEasterMonday) // Easter Monday
BankHolidayAdd("0501") // 1st of May
BankHolidayAdd("0508") // 8th of May
BankHolidayAdd(bhAscensionDay) // Ascension day
BankHolidayAdd(bhWhitMonday) // Whit Monday
BankHolidayAdd("0714") // 14th of July
BankHolidayAdd("0815") // 15th of August (Assumption)
BankHolidayAdd("1101") // All Saints' Day
BankHolidayAdd("1111") // 11th of November
BankHolidayAdd("1225") // Christmas
// Add 2 additional bank holidays for the regions of Moselle and Alsace
BankHolidayAdd("1226" + CR + bhGoodFriday)
BankHolidayAdd(<New public holidays>)
<New public holidays>: Character string or Character String constant
Can correspond to:
  • A 4-digit date (in MMDD format) to define a fixed public holiday (e.g., "1225" for Christmas).
  • An 8-digit date (in YYYYMMDD format) to define a public holiday for a specific year (e.g., "20080808" for August 8th, 2008).
  • A date in the following format: <Month>_<Week number>_<Week day number>. For example: 11_2_3 for the 2nd Wednesday of November.
  • One of the following constants:
    bhAscensionDayAscension day.
    Remark: The corresponding date corresponds to Easter + 39 days.
    bhEasterDayEaster Sunday.
    Remark: The corresponding date can be returned by Easter.
    bhEasterMondayEaster Monday.
    Remark: The corresponding date corresponds to Easter + 1 day.
    bhWhitMondayWhit Monday.
    Remark: The corresponding date corresponds to Easter + 50 days.
    bhGoodFridayGood friday.
    Remark: The corresponding date corresponds to Easter - 2 days.
  • a combination of the above-mentioned possibilities. The days found in this list must be separated by a CR character (carriage return).
  • This function is used to customize the application according to the country and/or to the local regulations.
  • This function has a global effect and must be used at the beginning of the application.
  • BankHoliday can be used after the call to BankHolidayAdd.
Related Examples:
The Calendar control Unit examples (WINDEV): The Calendar control
[ + ] Four methods for using the Calendar control:
- Using the Calendar control found in the WINDEV toolbar
- Using CalendarOpen and CalendarPicker as well as CalendarSelect (multi-selection)
- Using ..CalendarButton
- Using BankHolidayAdd
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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