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  • Properties specific to xlsCell variables
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Stored procedures
xlsCell (Type of variable)
In french: xlsCellule
An xlsCell variable is used to describe and modify a cell in an Excel document.
This type of variable is used:
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
// Open an Excel file
sExcelFile is string
sExcelFile = fSelect("", "", "Select an Excel file...", "Excel" + ...
TAB + "*.xlsx" + CR + "All files (*.*)" + TAB + "*.*", "*.xlsx")
IF sExcelFile = "" THEN RETURN
// Open the Excel document
MyDocument is xlsDocument
MyDocument = xlsOpen(sExcelFile)
// Create an xlsCell variable with red background.
Cell is xlsCell
Cell = "WINDEV is incredible!"
Cell.BackgroundColor = LightRed
// Fill in cell A6
MyDocument..Cell[6,"A"] = Cell
// Saves the modifications

Properties specific to xlsCell variables

The following properties can be used to handle an xlsCell variable:
NameType usedEffect
AlignmentHInteger constantHorizontal cell alignment. The possible values are as follows:
  • haCenter: centered.
  • haRight: right alignment.
  • haLeft: alignment to left.
AlignmentVInteger constantVertical cell alignment. The possible values are as follows:
  • vaTop: alignment at the top.
  • vaMiddle: alignment in the middle.
  • vaBottom: alignment at the bottom.
BorderBorder variableCharacteristics of cell border.
BackgroundColorInteger or Integer constantCell background color. This color can correspond to:
Before version 24, this property was named "BackgroundColor".
FormulaCharacter stringCell formulas.
Caution: Changing the formula in a cell does not automatically recalculate the formulas in the workbook.
You need to call xlsRecalculateAll after changing the formula of one or more cells to update the values of the cells that contain a formula.

This property can only be used on XLSX documents (it is not available for XLS documents).
MaskCharacter stringDisplay mask in Excel. This mask must correspond to the mask recognized by Excel. See the documentation about Excel for more details.
MaskWDCharacter stringDisplay mask in WINDEV or WEBDEV format that will be used in the Excel cell ("DD/MM/YYYY" for example). The specified mask is automatically converted into Excel format. The hundredths of a second found in the masks are not supported.
For more details, see Supported masks.
This property is available in write mode.
  • True if the cell is multiline,
  • False otherwise.
FontFont variableFont of cell.
TypeInteger constantExcel type of cell. The possible values are as follows:
  • xlsTypeString: "Character string" column or column containing different types of data.
  • xlsTypeDate: "Date" column.
  • xlsTypeDateTime: "DateTime" column.
  • xlsTypeDouble: "Numeric" column.
  • xlsTypeDuration: "Duration" column.
  • xlsTypeError: If an error occurs. To get more details on the error, use xlsMsgError or ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
  • xlsTypeTime: "Time" column.
  • xlsTypeCurrency: "Currency" column.
This property is read-only.
ValueType of cell valueValue of the cell.
When defining the style of a column (xlsColumn.DefaultCell), this property is ignored in write mode and it is initialized empty in read mode).
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 03/30/2023

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