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  • Properties specific to the description of gglMapParameter variables
  • Functions that use the gglMapParameter variables
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Stored procedures
gglMapParameter (Type of variable)
In french: gglParamètreCarte (Type de variable)
The gglMapParameter type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a map: points, road, ... The characteristics of this map can be defined and modified by several WLanguage properties.
Then, the corresponding map can be retrieved by GglGetStaticMap.
Remark: See Declaring a variable for more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties.
// Configure a map
Params is gglMapParameter
// Define the markers
M1 is gglMarker
M1..Latitude = 47.022356
M1..Longitude = 52.423654
M1..Color = 0x0000FF // blue
M1..Size = gglSmall
// Add the markers
Add(Params..Marker, M1)
// Various parameters
Params..Format = gglJPG
Params..Border = True

Properties specific to the description of gglMapParameter variables

The following properties can be used to handle a gglMapParameter variable:
NameType usedEffect
  • True to add a border around the image,
  • False to display no border.
The characteristics of the border are as follows: blue border of 5 pixels wide, with an opacity set to 55%.
Remark: since version 2 of the Google service, this parameter has become obsolete and it is ignored.
PathgglPathPath to draw on the map. The drawing of the route is using the specified points (and not the streets found on the map). The points are linked by a line.
Versions 22 and later
New in version 22
IntegerModifies the number of pixels returned. This property is required for a display on a high-resolution screen.
..Scale = 2 returns twice as many pixels as ..Scale = 1 while keeping the same covering area and the same level of details (the content of the map is unchanged).
Possible values:
  • 1 (default value),
  • 2,
  • 4 (available if owning a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan license).
FormatString constantFormat of image received. This parameter can correspond to the following constants:
  • gglGIF (default value): image in GIF format
  • gglJPG: image in JPG format.
  • gglJPGNonProgressive: image in non-progressive JPG format.
  • gglPNG8: image in PNG 8 format
  • gglPNG32: image in PNG 32 format
LanguageCharacter stringLanguage in which the information will be displayed on the map. This parameter can correspond to "fr", "en", "de", ...
MarkerArray of gglMarkerMarkers to display on the map. The maximum number of markers that can be used is set to 50. This number is reduced if points are added (indeed, the size of the URL expected by Google limits the maximum number of markers).
  • True to retrieve a map optimized for the display on a mobile device,
  • False otherwise.
SpangglCoordinateSpecifies the range in latitude and in longitude that must be displayed on the map. In order for this parameter to be taken into account, the <Zoom> parameter found in GglGetStaticMap must correspond to the gglAutoZoom constant.
Remark: These properties can be used with one of the following syntaxes:
  • <Variable name>..<Property name>
  • <Variable name>.<Property name>

Functions that use the gglMapParameter variables

Versions 14 and later
New in version 14
Retrieves the map of a specific location via the Google Maps service.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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