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  • Identifiers of languages to target
  • Possible error cases:
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Stored procedures
From version 17, this feature is not available anymore. To use Google AdWords, see the corresponding Google API: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/start
Checks the validity of several Google AdWords ads. This function checks whether the ads comply with the use conditions of the service.
// Connection to Google
Cnt is gglAdWConnection
Cnt..Email = "vince@gmail.com"
Cnt..Password = "azerty"
Cnt..UserAgent = "MyApp-01"
Cnt..DeveloperToken = "ABcdeFGH93KL-NOPQ_STUv"
Cnt..ApplicationToken = "ZYXwvu-TSR123_456ABCDE"
Cnt..SandboxMode = True
// Create an ad
ad is gglAdWTextAd
ad..GroupIdentifier = 123
ad..DescriptionLine1 = "WINDEV is great"
ad..Title = "My ad"
// Check the ad
MyArray is array of Variant
Add(MyArray, ad)
Target is gglAdWGeoTarget
Target..TargetAll = True
Err is array of gglAdWError
Err = GglAdWCheckAd(Cnt, MyArray, "us", Target)
<Result> = GglAdWCheckAd(<AdWords connection> , <Ads to Check> , <Languages> , <Geographical Targeting>)
<Result>: Array of gglAdWError variables
Name of array of gglAdWError variables containing the possible errors regarding the violation of use conditions.
<AdWords connection>: gglAdWConnection variable
Name of gglAdWConnection variable to use.
<Ads to Check>: Array of variants
Array of variants containing the ads to check. This array can contain the following types of objects:
<Languages>: Unicode character string (with quotes)
Languages targeted by the ads. The different languages must be separated by a space character.
<Geographical Targeting>: gglAdWGeoTarget variable
Name of gglAdWGeoTarget variable containing the parameters for geographical targeting.

Identifiers of languages to target

The identifiers of languages to target are as follows:
Identifier - LanguageIdentifier - Language
"ar" - Arabic"bg" - Bulgarian
"ca" - Catalan"cs" - Czech
"da" - Danish"de" - German
"el" - Greek"en" - English
"es" - Spanish"et" - Estonian
"fi" - Finnish"fr" - French
"hi" - Hindi"hr" - Croatian
"hu" - Hungarian"id" - Indonesian
"is" - Icelandic"it" - Italian
"iw" - Hebrew"ja" - Japanese
"ko" - Korean"lt" - Lithuanian
"lv" - Latvian"nl" - Dutch
"no" - Norwegian"pl" - Polish
"pt" - Portuguese"ro" - Romanian
"ru" - Russian"sk" - Slovak
"sl" - Slovenian"sr" - Serbian
"sv" - Swedish"tl" - Filipino
"th" - Thai"tr" - Turkish
"uk" - Ukrainian"ur" - Urdu
"vi" - Vietnamese"zh_CN" - Simplified Chinese
"zh_TW" - Traditional Chinese
This list is the one supported when this documentation was published. To find out the exhaustive list of supported languages, see http://code.google.com/intl/en/apis/adwords/docs/developer/adwords_api_languages.html that presents the list of supported languages ("Target criteria" column).

Possible error cases:

  • The Internet connection is not valid.
  • The authentication was not performed properly.
  • The XML response of the server cannot be read.
To find out whether an error occurred, use the ErrorOccurred variable.
Component : wd160ggl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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