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  • Properties specific to the description of rssEntry variables
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Stored procedures
The rssEntry type is used to handle a RSS stream entry. The RSS stream is described via the rssStream type.
The characteristics of a stream entry can be defined and modified by the WLanguage properties.
Remark: See Declaring a variable for more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties.
MyStream is rssStream
MyChannel is rssChannel
MyEntry is rssEntry
MyPath is string
// Characteristics of channel
MyChannel.Title = "My site"
MyChannel.Description = "Example of RSS 2.0 stream"
MyChannel.UpdateDate = DateSys() + TimeSys()
MyChannel.Link = "http://www.example.org"
// Characteristics of entries of channel 1
MyEntry.Author = "pcsoft@pcsoft.fr"
MyEntry.Description = "First news"
MyEntry.Title = "News #1"
// Adds the entry into the channel
Add(MyChannel.Entry, MyEntry)
// Adds the channel into the stream
Add(MyStream.Channel, MyChannel)
// Saves the stream in a file
MyPath = CompleteDir(fCurrentDir()) + "Rss.xml"
rssSave(MyStream, MyPath)
// Displays the XML file of stream
IF NOT ShellExecute(MyPath) THEN
Error("ShellExecute('" + MyPath + "'). '" + ErrorInfo() + "'")

Properties specific to the description of rssEntry variables

The following properties can be used to handle a RSS stream entry via the rssEntry variable:
PropertyType usedEffect
AuthorCharacter stringEmail address of the author of the entry.
CategoryrssCategoryCategory to which the entry belongs. Can be used to aggregate the elements about the same subject.
CommentsCharacter stringURL of the page containing the comments about the entry.
PublicationDateDateTimePublication date of the content of the entry.
The dates read are automatically converted into UTC date. The value written in the channel is always in UTC.
Description (*)Character stringContent of the entry.
The HTML tags are allowed.
EnclosurerssEnclosureDescribes an external document (multimedia in most cases) associated with an entry.
IdentifierrssIdentifierIdentifier (potentially unique and permanent) of the entry. Often used to identify the entries already read/processed.
LinkCharacter stringExternal link toward the element described by the entry.
SourcerssSourceDescription of the source publication stream of the entry. In case of aggregate, this value differs from the URL of the channel that currently contains the entry.
Title (*)Character stringTitle of the channel.
The value of this property can be retrieved and modified.

  • The properties followed by a star (*) are mandatory.
  • All the properties found in this list are available in read/write.
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[ + ] This example explains how to read and display a RSS stream in a WEBDEV page via the RSS type and via the WLanguage functions for handling RSS.
A reusable control template is used to display the RSS data.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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