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  • Properties specific to sfProcessSubmitRequest variables
  • Functions that handle the sfProcessSubmitRequest type
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Stored procedures
sfProcessSubmitRequest (Type of variable)
In french: sfRequeteTraitementSoumission
The sfProcessSubmitRequest type is used to describe a Salesforce record (also called a Salesforce object) to submit to SFExecuteProcess. The characteristics of this type can be changed using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.

Properties specific to sfProcessSubmitRequest variables

The following properties can be used to handle a Salesforce record to submit to SFExecuteProcess:
NameType usedEffect
CommentCharacter stringComment that must be added to the process history of the task.
NextApproverIDCharacter stringIdentifiers of the users who will have to perform the next operation. These identifiers are separated by CR characters (Carriage Return).
This identifier corresponds to the UserID property of the sfUserInfo variable.
ObjectIDCharacter stringIdentifier of the Salesforce object/record to submit to the process.

Functions that handle the sfProcessSubmitRequest type

SFExecuteProcessRequests the execution of a specific process.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 01/26/2023

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