• Starting an Active WEBDEV Page of the project
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Stored procedures
MenuAddURLOption (Function)
In french: MenuAjouteOptionURL
AjaxNot available
Adds a new menu option at the end of a page menu. This menu option is used to display the page corresponding to the specified URL.
// Add a new menu
MenuAddMenu(_Menu, "MNU_Site", "My Site")
// Add an option into the new menu
MenuAddURLOption("MNU_Site", "OPT_PCSOFT", "PC Soft", "")
<Result> = MenuAddURLOption(<Source menu> , <Option to create> , <Caption> , <Option URL>)
<Result>: Integer
Position of the option in the menu. A fatal error occurs if the option was not added.
<Source menu>: Menu name
Name of the menu into which the menu option must be added. The menu option will be added at the end of this menu.
<Option to create>: Character string
Name of the menu option to add. This name will be used to handle the menu option through programming. A fatal error occurs if this name corresponds to an existing option.
<Caption>: Character string
Text of the new menu option. This caption will be displayed in the page and it will allow the Web user to select the option.
<Option URL>: Character string
Address of the page to display when the option is selected.
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Starting an Active WEBDEV Page of the project

You have the ability to use MenuAddURLOption to start an Active WEBDEV Page of the project. In this case, PageAddress can be used to build the URL of this page. For example:
MenuAddURLOption(MENU_Menu1.OPT_Option1, "OPT_AWPPage", "Active WEBDEV Page", PageAddress(PAGE_AWP))
Component: wd270page.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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