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Stored procedures
TreeMapSearch (Function)
In french: TreeMapRecherche
From version 17, this function is kept for backward compatibility. This function is replaced by TreeMapSeek.
Finds the subscript of an element in a TreeMap control from the element path. This path was specified in TreeMapAdd.
// Le champ TMAP_Vin est rempli à partir d'une table.
// Recherche de l'élément correspondant à l'élément sélectionné dans la table
CheminSélection is string
CheminSélection = COL_Typevin[TABLE_VIN] + "\" + COL_Proprietaire[TABLE_VIN]
IndiceElément = TreeMapSearch(TMAP_Vin, CheminSélection)
// Sélection de l'élément dans le champ TreeMap
IF IndiceElément <> -1 THEN
TMAP_Vin = IndiceElément
<Result> = TreeMapSearch(<TreeMap control> , <Element path> [, <Start index>])
<Result>: Integer
  • Subscript of element found.
  • -1 if no element corresponds to the search.
Remark: The element found can be manipulated directly thanks to its subscript. You can for example modify the properties of this element or select it in the TreeMap control.
<TreeMap control>: Control name
Name of TreeMap control used.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), the TreeMap control to which the current process belongs will be used.
<Element path>: Character string (with quotes)
Path and caption of sought element. This path must be identical to the one used when the element was added into the TreeMap control by TreeMapAdd.
The separator of different path elements can be:
  • the "\" character. For example: "MyDirectory\MyFile".
  • the "TAB" character. For example: "Desserts"+TAB+"Ice cream".
<Start index>: Optional integer
Subscript of the element from which the search will be performed. If this parameter is not specified, the search is performed in the entire TreeMap control. This parameter is used to find all the occurrences of a path.
Component: wd170obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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