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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to handle geolocation data and to control GPS devices:
geoAzimuthReturns the direction represented by a location in relation to another one.
geoDistanceReturns the distance between the two locations. This distance is expressed in meters by default.
geoGetAddressRetrieves an address or a list of addresses corresponding to the description of a geographic location.
geoGetAreaRetrieves the coordinates of the geographic area that corresponds to a given description.
geoRunAppStarts the device's native maps application to display:
  • a specific geographical location,
  • a route between two locations.
geoTrackingDisableDisables the tracking of user positions for a WINDEV Mobile application.
geoTrackingEnableEnables the management of location tracking in a WINDEV Mobile application.
geoTrackingProcedureDefines the WLanguage procedure that will be called when the location of the user changes.
geoTrackingStatusRetrieves the status of the system for position tracking.
GPSDetectPositionAsks to be notified when the device gets close to a given location.
GPSEndIndicates the end of the use of geolocation functions.
GPSFollowMovementRequests to be notified periodically of the device's current location.
GPSGetPositionRetrieves information about the current device position.
GPSInfoReturns the information about the location provider used by the application for geolocation functions.
GPSInitParameterInitializes the parameters of geolocation WLanguage functions and finds a location provider.
GPSLastPositionRetrieves the information about the last known device position.
GPSStatusRetrieves the activation status of the geolocation provider or asks to be notified when the status changes.
GPSStopDetectionStops the location detection triggered by GPSDetectPosition.

The following advanced types are used to handle geolocation data:
AddressThe Address type is used to manipulate the address of a place or person.
geoPositionThe geoPosition type is used to handle geographic positions via WLanguage geolocation functions.
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Operating mode in iPhone/iPad

When a GPS function is first run, the system requests geolocation permission from the user. If the user refuses, all the GPS functions used in the rest of the application will fail (fatal error).
To re-allow the use of GPS for this application, the system configuration of the application must be modified.
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Android GPS Android (WINDEV Mobile): Android GPS
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It is used to retrieve at regular interval:
- The latitude
- The longitude
- The altitude
- The speed
- The direction
WM Geolocation Cross-platform examples (WINDEV Mobile): WM Geolocation
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The results are displayed in a looper and in a map with markers.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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GPS Functions
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