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Stored procedures
SchedulerAddResource (Function)
In french: PlanningAjouteRessource
Adds a new resource into a Scheduler control.
Universal Windows 10 App In Universal Windows 10 App mode, this function can only be used to handle the Scheduler controls found in a report.
// Adds a resource (a meeting room) into the Scheduler control
// Meeting is the data file that describes the available meeting rooms
SchedulerAddResource(SCH_RoomOccupancy, Meeting.Name + gStoredValue(Meeting.MeetingID))
<Result> = SchedulerAddResource(<Scheduler control> , <Resource> [, <Image>])
<Result>: Integer
  • Index of added resource,
  • -1 if an error occurred. ErrorInfo is used to identify the error.
<Scheduler control>: Control name
Name of Scheduler control into which the resource will be added. This control can correspond to:
  • the Scheduler control of a window,
  • the Scheduler control of a page,
  • the Scheduler control of a report.
<Resource>: Character string
Name of the added resource. An invisible value can be added by gStoredValue.
<Image>: Optional character string
Path and name of the background image for the title of the resource. This image is displayed below the header of the row or column containing the name of the resource.
WEBDEV - Server codeLinuxPHPAjax This parameter is not available.
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The following topics are presented in this example:
1/ the scheduler control
2/ the Google Calendar functions
Component: wd300mdl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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