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Stored procedures
Checks whether the expressions are equal in assertive programming and in automated test mode.
// The function should return 0
dbgCheckEqual(CalcFunction(), 0)
dbgCheckEqual(<Obtained expression> , <Expected expression> [, <Comments> [, <Parameter 1> [... [, <Parameter N>]]]])
<Obtained expression>: Character string
Expression corresponding to the obtained result.
<Expected expression>: Character string
Expression corresponding to the expected result.
<Comments>: Character string
Character string in the format defined by StringBuild.
<Parameter 1>: Any type
First parameter expected by <Comments>.
<Parameter N>: Any type
Last parameter expected by <Comments>.
  • When the expressions are not equal:
    • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code in automated test mode, an error is added to the test status report (equivalent to TestWriteResult).
    • in manual test mode, an assertion is displayed (equivalent to dbgAssert).
    • in runtime mode, an assertion is displayed if the assertions have been enabled (equivalent to dbgAssert).
  • dbgCheckEqual is used to compare the content of an array passed as first parameter with an array of values ([1, 2, 3] syntax) passed as second parameter.
  • When running an application, the expression is not evaluated if the assertions are not enabled.
  • dbgOnError allows you to automatically start a WLanguage procedure used to retrieve the comment linked to the error.
  • AndroidAndroid Widget The messages of dbgCheckEqual will be written into the ADB log (at "Assert" level). For more details, see Managing ADB logs.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd290vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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Last update: 07/04/2023

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