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  • Application in the background: Specific case from Android 10
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Stored procedures
TimePicker (Function)
In french: HeureSélecteur
Opens the system time picker.
Time picker
Remark: To select a time via the date picker, we recommend that you use the "TimePicker" input mask for the "Time" edit control. This input mask is also available for iPhone/iPad applications.
h is Time = TimePicker()
StartTime is Time = "0730"
TimeSelected is Time = TimePicker(StartTime, True, "Enter the end time")
<Result> = TimePicker([<Initial time> [, <24-hour mode> [, <Title>]]])
<Result>: Time or character string
  • Time selected in the picker,
  • Empty string ("") if the selection was canceled by the user.
<Initial time>: Time or optional character string
Time displayed when the picker is opened. If this time is not specified, the picker will display the current time.
<24-hour mode>: Optional boolean
  • True (default value) to display the time in 24-hour format.
  • False to display the time in AM/PM format.
<Title>: Optional character string
Title that must be displayed in the picker. If this parameter is not specified, the title will be the time displayed in the picker in text format.
AndroidAndroid Widget

Application in the background: Specific case from Android 10

From Android 10, it is no longer possible to open a window when the application is in the background.
TimePicker can open a window. If this function is used while the application is in the background, a fatal error will occur.
  • It is possible to determine if the application is in the background using InBackgroundMode.
  • If an application needs to interact with the user while it is in the background, the solution is to display a notification (via the Notification type). The application will be brought back to the foreground when the notification is clicked, if the ActivateApplication property is set to True. You can also open a window from the procedure passed to the ActionClick property.
Component: wd290android.jar
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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Last update: 02/02/2024

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