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The Surface chart is used to represent correlated analogical data, according to 3 axes. For example:
  • represent the resistance of a material according to pressure and temperature.
  • for an engine, represent the opening time of the injectors according to the volume of incoming air and engine throttle.
  • for a photo, represent the variations of lightness.
You also have the ability to represent a mathematical function in 3 dimensions.
Characteristics of a Surface chart
In this chart:
1. Chart title.
The characteristics of the chart title can be defined in the "Details" tab of the control description ("Edit chart title").
You can define the chart title, its position and style.
2. Gridlines.
The gridlines can be displayed on one or more planes of the chart via the "General" tab of the control description.
To display the gridlines through programming, use grSurfaceGridlines.
3. Chart.
The chart can:
  • Display a mesh or not ("Show a meshing on the surface" in the "General" tab of the control description or grSurfaceMesh).
  • Be oriented: All you have to do is define the rotation angle according to the different axes in the "General" tab of the control description window. A chart can also be oriented through programming with grOrientation.
  • Be oriented by the user: You just need to check "Rotation with the mouse (charts with less than 10 000 points)" in the "General" tab of the control description window.
  • Include colors: Use grSurfaceAltitudeColor to define the colors to be used.
4. Marks.
The marks according to the axes can be defined in the "General" tab of the control description window.
The caption of the marks can be defined by grSurfaceMarkCaption.
The description window of the control allows you to define the marker used. You have the ability to use an orthonormal set of markers or not.
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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