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  • Properties specific to inAppProduct variables
  • Functions that use the inAppProduct type
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inAppProduct (Type of variable)
In french: inAppProduit
The inAppProduct type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a product or subscription for an In-App purchase. The characteristics of this product can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
MyProducts is array of inAppProduct
// Retrieve via inAppProductInfo
// ...
FOR I = 1 _TO_ MyProducts.Count
LooperAddLine(LOOP_Products, MyProducts[I].Caption, MyProducts[I].Description)

Properties specific to inAppProduct variables

The following properties can be used to handle an In-App product or an In-App subscription:
Property nameType usedEffect
CaptionCharacter stringCaption or title of the product or subscription.
This property is read-only.
DescriptionCharacter stringProduct description.
This property is read-only.
IdentifierCharacter stringIdentifier of product or subscription in the store (iTunes Connect or Google Play Store).
This property is read-only.
PriceCharacter string
  • Price of the product in the current currency, formatted with the mask defined by the phone.
  • Price of the subscription in the current currency, formatted with the mask defined by the phone.
This property is read-only.
Android Type
Integer constantType of product:
  • inAppSubscription: Subscription.
  • inAppProduct: Consumable and non-consumable product.
This property is read-only.

Functions that use the inAppProduct type

The following functions are used to handle the inAppProduct variables:
inAppConsumeProductUsed to consume, in an application, a product that was previously purchased by the user.
inAppListProductInfoRetrieves, from the store, information about the "In-App" products associated with the application.
inAppPurchaseProductSends a request for purchasing an "In-App" product associated with the application.
Minimum version required
  • Version 19
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Last update: 01/26/2023

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