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Stored procedures
FTPParameter (Function)
In french: FTPParamètre
Modifies the behavior of standard FTP functions.
// Activation de l'implémentation native du FTP
FTPParameter(ftpParameterMode, 1)
// Activation de l'implémentation Windows ("wininet") du FTP
FTPParameter(ftpParameterMode, 0)
FTPParameter(<Option> , <Option value>)
<Option>: Integer constant
Option to define:
ftpParameterModeUsed to choose the operating mode of FTP.
  • If the parameter <Value of the option> is 0, the FTP management functions use the Windows "wininet" module except for the secured protocols (FTPIS, FTPES and SFTP).. This mode corresponds to the default operating mode of FTP functions.
  • If parameter <Option value> is set to 1, the FTP management functions use a native, Windows-independent implementation of FTP with UTF8 support..
    Caution: In this mode, FTPCommand is not supported. This mode is systematically used for the secure protocols (FTPIS, FTPES and SFTP).
Versions 26 and later
New in version 26
Allows you to change the encryption in FTPES.
  • If the <Option Value> parameter is 0, the encryption applies to FTP data and commands.. This mode corresponds to the Default mode of operation of the functions in FTPES.
  • If the <Option Value> parameter is set to 1, SSL encryption applies only to FTP commands.. This mode may be required for some FTPES servers.
<Option value>: Integer
New value of option.
The FTPxxx functions of WLanguage use by default the FTP functions of the Windows API (WININET.DLL). In Windows 8.1, these APIs do no longer return the expected results:
  • transfer not completed,
  • "unable to modify the directory to.".
While waiting for the standard FTP functions to be restored by Windows Update, the behavior of WLanguage FTPxxx functions can be modified so that they are no longer based on the FTP functions of Windows API. To do so, insert the following call in the FTP transfer process, before the existing call to FTPConnect:
FTPParameter(ftpParameterMode, 1)
Remark: FTPParameter is applied to all the WLanguage FTPxxx functions, except for FTPCommand. If this one was used, it can be replaced by FTPSend or FTPGet according to the case.
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd27com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 19
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