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Stored procedures
From version 24 (75), AssistedInputParameter is kept for backward compatibility. This function is replaced by AssistedInputConfigure.
Used to configure the filter and the opening of assisted input.
Versions 24 and later
Windows This function is now available for the WINDEV applications in Windows.
New in version 24
Windows This function is now available for the WINDEV applications in Windows.
Windows This function is now available for the WINDEV applications in Windows.
AssistedInputAdd(EDT_Direction, "Left")
AssistedInputAdd(EDT_Direction, "Right")
AssistedInputAdd(EDT_Direction, "Center")
// To disable the filter
AssistedInputConfigure(EDT_Direction, aiFilter, filterNone)
// Activate the "Contains" filter that will be applied to each stroke
// on the 3 values that were previously added
AssistedInputConfigure(EDT_Direction, aiFilter, filterContains)
// The assisted input will be opened during the next call to AssistedInputOpen
AssistedInputConfigure(EDT_Direction, aiAutomaticOpening, False)
AssistedInputConfigure(<Edit control> , <Parameter> , <Value>)
<Edit control>: Control name
Name of edit control to use. The option "Assisted input on file link" is automatically enabled on this control ("Details" tab of the control description window).
<Parameter>: Integer constant
Parameter to modify:
aiDelayTimeout before triggering the completion. This timeout is expressed in milliseconds. By default, the timeout is set to 200 milliseconds.
aiFilterFilter that will be used for the assisted input. It is a "Starts with" filter by default.
This filter can correspond to one of the following values:
filterNoneDisables the automatic filter used by the assisted input. The filter must be performed manually.
filterStartsWith"Starts with" filter.
filterContains"Contains" filter.
filterDifferent"Is different from" filter.
filterEqual"Is equal to" filter.
filterLessOrEqual"Is less than or equal to" filter.
filterLess"Is less than" filter.
filterDoesNotStartWith"Does not start with" filter.
filterDoesNotContain"Does not contain" filter.
filterDoesNotEndWith"Does not end with" filter.
filterGreaterOrEqual"Is greater than or equal to" filter.
filterGreater"Is greater than" filter.
filterEndsWith"Ends with" filter.
aiAutomaticOpeningConfigures the automatic opening for the list of choices:
  • True to open the list automatically,
  • False not to open the list automatically. in this case, the list can be opened by AssistedInputOpen.
The list is automatically opened by default.
aiNoCaseTaking the case and the accented characters into account:
  • True to ignore the case and the accented characters.
  • False to take the case and the accented characters into account.
The case and the accented characters are ignored by default.
aiMinSizeNumber of characters in input before opening the list of choices. By default, the list of choices is opened as soon as the first character is entered.
<Value>: Type corresponding to the value to modify
New value for the parameter.
  • If AssistedInputConfigure is called on a edit control, the option "Assisted input on file link" is automatically enabled on this control ("Details" tab of the control description window).
  • The list containing the choices is not opened immediately. To do so:
    • the user must type a value corresponding to the beginning of one of the choices found in the list,
    • AssistedInputOpen must be called.
  • If the edit control is linked to a data file:
    • only the default filter ("Starts with" filter) is available.
    • the linked item must be key (optimize the browse performances).
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Minimum version required
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