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  • The integrated elements
  • Example of customization
  • Retrieving the evolutions made to the user groupware
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Stored procedures
The groupware in automatic mode offers several possibilities. If you want to configure the management of users and rights in a more precise way, WINDEV allows you to customize everything (analysis, windows, code, ...)!

How to proceed?

To implement the user groupware in custom mode, you must:
  1. Open the window for configuring the user groupware: on the "Project" pane, in the "Project" group, click "User groupware".
  2. In the " Integration" tab, select "Custom user groupware".
Caution: As soon as the user groupware is customized in a project, the project will no longer benefit from the evolutions made to the user groupware. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to "custom" mode with great care and only if you want to make important modifications. Otherwise, it is recommended to use the user groupware in automatic mode. To retrieve the evolutions made to the groupware, see "Evolutions".

The integrated elements

When a project uses the custom user groupware, an internal component called "WDGPU" is automatically included in the project.
This internal component contains all the elements used by the groupware:
  • the identification window ("WIN_GPU_Login"),
  • the configuration window ("WIN_GPU_Main"),
  • the groupware analysis,
  • a set of procedures proposing several useful functions,
  • a class for context management.
All these elements can be modified: you have the ability to add an item into the "GPU_User" file or to implement checks on some controls for example.

Example of customization

The user groupware can be customized in order to store the email of each user.
In this case:
  • an "Email" item is added into the "GPU_User" file,
  • an "Email" edit control is added into the form for entering a user (plane 2 of "WIN_GPU_Main" window),
  • an "Email" button is added onto the plane for managing the users (plane 1 of "WIN_GPU_Main" window). This allows you to send an email to one or more users of the groupware (password reminder, etc.).

Retrieving the evolutions made to the user groupware

If you customize the user groupware, a solution allows you to retrieve the different evolutions made to the user groupware: perform a comparison between your project that includes your modifications and the same project that includes an internal component without modification.
To do so:
  1. Create a copy of your project.
  2. In the "copy" project, delete the internal component named "WDGPU".
  3. Then, ask to check this component back in via the window for configuring the groupware (open and re-validate the window to force the integration of the internal component).
  4. Compare the projects: on the "Project" pane, in the "Other actions" group, expand "Compare" and select "Compare two projects...". Ask to compare the current project and the "copy" project.
  5. The "Management/Resolution of differences" window allows you to see all the differences between the elements from your modified internal component and the ones from the "standard" internal component.
You can then easily retrieve the evolutions of the "standard" internal component you are interested in.
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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