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EmulateActionBar (Function)
In french: PiloteActionBar
Emulates an Action Bar during the automated tests run on a mobile device (Android or iOS).
WINDEV This function is available in WINDEV and is used only in simulator mode. In a WINDEV application, this function has no effect.
// Press the left button of the Action Bar
EmulateActionBar(WIN_MainWindow.ACTB_ActionBar, eabLeftButton)
// Select the top right option OPT_OptPlus
EmulateActionBar(WIN_MainWindow.ACTB_ActionBar, eabOption, OPT_OptPlus)
// Select the option at the bottom in the OPT_Menu
EmulateActionBar(WIN_MainWindow.ACTB_ActionBar, eabOption, OPT_Menu)
// Select the view #1 in the Action Bar
EmulateActionBar(WIN_MainWindow.ACTB_ActionBar, eabView, 1)
EmulateActionBar(<Action Bar> , <Element> [, <Advanced option>])
<Action Bar>: Character string
Name of the Action Bar to emulate.
<Element>: Integer constant
Element to emulate among the following constants:
eabLeftButtonSimulates a press on the left button of Action Bar.
eabOptionSimulates a press on one of the options found in the Action Bar. <Advanced option> is used to specify the name of the option to be selected.
eabViewSimulates a press on one of the views found in the Action Bar. <Advanced option> is used to specify the number of the view to be selected.
<Advanced option>: Optional variable
Additional option to specify.
  • If <Element> is set to eabOption, this parameter corresponds to the name of the option to select.
  • If <Element> is set to eabView, this parameter corresponds to the number of the view to select.
This function must only be used in the code of automated tests run on the Android or iOS simulator.
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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