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  • Use conditions:
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Stored procedures
Captures the images received from the camera:
  • as an image: takes a photo.
  • as a video: records a video.
Depending on the platform, the following photo and video formats are used:
  • Windows BMP images or AVI videos.
    If the file extension is .jpg or .jpeg, the image is saved in JPEG format
Reports and Queries
// Records the video captured in the "CAM_Kitchen" control
// as a 1-minute AVI file ("C:\Temp\MyVideo.AVI")
ResSave = CAM_Kitchen.Capture("C:\Temp\MyVideo.AVI", viVideoCapture, 60)
IF ResSave = True THEN
Info("Video successfully saved")
<Result> = <Camera control>.Capture(<File to create> [, <Type of capture> [, <Capture duration> [, <Number of images per second> [, <Display during capture>]]]])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the video was recorded successfully,
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo.
<Camera control>: Control name
Name of the Camera control to be used.
<File to create>: Character string
Name and full (or relative) path of the file to create.
Windows When a photo is taken, a BMP file is created. When a video is recorded, an AVI file is created
Caution: No UNC path can be used.
<Type of capture>: Optional integer constant
Type of capture:
Windows Captures an image and saves it as a BMP file.

(Default value)
Windows Captures a video and saves it as an AVI file.

<Capture duration>: Optional integer
Length of the video recording (in seconds). If this parameter is set to 0 or is not specified, the video recording will stop:This parameter can be:
  • an integer corresponding to the number of seconds,
  • a Duration variable,
  • the duration in a readable format (e.g., 1 s or 10 ms).
<Number of images per second>: Optional integer
Number of images saved per second (15 by default). This parameter is taken into account only if <Type of capture> is equal to viVideoCapture.
<Display during capture>: Optional boolean
  • True (by default) if the video captured must be shown in the specified Camera control,
  • False otherwise.

Saving a photo

Only the image displayed when <Camera>.Capture is executed is saved as a BMP image. To save this image, you can also use:

Use conditions:

  • Windows To use this function, a "web camera" must be connected to the current computer.
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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