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  • Properties specific to the description of docFormatting variables
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Stored procedures
The docFormatting type is used to define the formatting characteristics of an element in a Word Processing document. Formatting characteristics can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
CAUTION: This type cannot be used directly. It must be used via:

Properties specific to the description of docFormatting variables

The following properties can be used to handle the formatting:
Property nameType usedEffect
VerticalAlignInteger constantVertical alignment of text in relation to the base line:
  • alignBaseline: The text is positioned on the base line.
  • alignSuperscript: The text is positioned in superscript.
  • alignSubscript: The text is positioned in subscript.
UnderlineColorIntegerColor used to underline the text. This color can correspond to:
HighlightColorIntegerColor used to highlight the text. Only the following colors are available:
  • Transparent
  • Black
  • LightBlue
  • LightCyan
  • LightGreen
  • LightMagenta
  • LightRed
  • LightYellow
  • White
  • DarkBlue
  • DarkCyan
  • DarkGreen
  • DarklMagenta
  • DarkRed
  • DarkYellow
  • LightGray
  • DarkGray
TextColorIntegerText color. This color can correspond to:
  • True if the text font is struck through,
  • False otherwise.
  • True if the text font is bold,
  • False otherwise.
  • True if the text font is in italics,
  • False otherwise.
FontNameCharacter stringName of font used for the text.
FontUnderlinedInteger constantType of underline:
  • underlineNone: No underline
  • underlineDouble: Double underline
  • underlineThick: Thick underline
  • underlineWords: Underline words only
  • underlineDotted: Underline in dots
  • underlineDottedHeavy: Underline in heavy dots
  • underlineDotDotDash: Underline such as '..-' (dot dot dash)
  • underlineDotDotDashHeavy: Underline such as heavy '..-' (dot dot dash)
  • underlineDotDash: Underline such as '.-' (dot dash)
  • underlineDotDashHeavy: Underline such as heavy '.-' (dot dash)
  • underlineSingle: Single underline
  • underlineDash: Underline with dashes
  • underlineDashHeavy: Underline with heavy dashes
FontSizeRealSize of font.
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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