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  • Configuring the display of projections
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Stored procedures
Indicates whether the points found in a series of a 3D Scatter chart must be be projected on a given plane. In this case, a straight line will link the point to its projection on the corresponding plan.
// Projette en pointillés les points de la série 1 sur le plan XY
grScatter3DProjection(GRF_MonNuage3D, 1, grPlaneXY, LineDotted)
// Initialisation du champ Combo
// Remplit la liste des types de trait
ListAdd(MySelf, "Aucun trait" + gStoredValue(LineNone))
ListAdd(MySelf, "Trait continu" + gStoredValue(LineSolid))
ListAdd(MySelf, "Trait tiret" + gStoredValue(LineDash))
ListAdd(MySelf, "Trait pointillé" + gStoredValue(LineDotted))
ListAdd(MySelf, "Trait mixte" + gStoredValue(LineDotAndDash))
// Par défaut, le trait appliqué est mixte pour ce plan
MySelf = LineDotAndDash
// -----------------------------------------------------
// Code de sélection d'une ligne du champ Combo
// Applique le type de projection pour le plan XY
grScatter3DProjection(GRF_Graphe, 1, grPlaneXY, MySelf)
grScatter3DProjection(<Chart name> , <Series number> , <Projection plane> [, <Type of line>])
<Chart name>: Control name or character string
Name of the chart to be used. This name corresponds to:
  • the chart name defined through programming with grCreate.
  • the name of Chart control (found in the window editor).
<Series number>: Integer
Number of the series to use.
<Projection plane>: Integer constant
Plane onto which the points will be projected:
grPlaneXYXY plane.
grPlaneXZXZ plane.
grPlaneYZYZ plane.
<Type of line>: Optional Integer constant
Type of line used to see the projection:
LineNoneNo line is drawn.
(Default value)
Solid line.
LineDotAndDashLine mixing dots and dashes (.-.-.-).
LineDottedDotted line (........).
LineDashLine with dashes (------).

Configuring the display of projections

The projections are visible by default. The display of projections can be configured with grParameter.
You can:
  • hide the projections.
    grParameter(GRF_MonNuage3D, grProjectionScatter3D, grProjectionNone)
  • always display the projections.
    grParameter(GRF_MonNuage3D, grProjectionScatter3D, grProjectionAlwaysVisible)
  • display the projections during the click on the point.
    grParameter(GRF_MonNuage3D, grProjectionScatter3D, grProjectionClick)
Component: wd270grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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