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Stored procedures
Configures an HFSQL server in order for this server to be a master server or a subscriber server for a replication between HFSQL servers. Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
// Description de la connexion
MaConnexion est une Connexion
MaConnexion.RSInit(hrsAbonné, 1, "mdp", 4996, 5)
<Result> = <Connection>.RSInit(<Server role> , <Server identifier> , <Password> , <Port> , <Priority>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the configuration was performed,
  • False otherwise. HErrorInfo is used to identify the error.
<Connection>: Connection variable
Name of the Connection variable that describes the connection to the HFSQL server to configure.
<Server role>: Integer constant
Role of server in the replication:
hrsSubscriberSubscriber computer in the replication between HFSQL servers.
hrsInactiveInactive computer in the replication between HFSQL servers.
hrsMasterMaster computer in the replication between HFSQL servers.
hrsMaster + hrsSubscriberMaster and subscriber computers in the replication between HFSQL servers (for a bi-directional replication).
<Server identifier>: Integer
Number used to identify the current HFSQL server among all the servers involved in a replication. This identifier must be unique. This identifier must be included between 1 and 32000.
<Password>: Character string
Replication password, used to authenticate the servers between themselves. This password must be used on the other server in the <Connection variable>.RSAddConfig function call (i.e. in the Property Password of the Variable hRSConfig).
To use the bidirectional replication, the password must be the same on the two servers.
<Port>: Integer
TCP/IP port number used for the replication between HFSQL servers.
<Priority>: Integer
Priority number of server. During a modification conflict, this number is used if the method for solving the conflict corresponds to a resolution by priority.
The <Connection variable>.RSInit function can be used several times on the same server, for example to change only the role of a server in a replication.
Component: wd270hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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