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Stored procedures
Remark: These functions are also available in prefix syntax (OAuth and OpenID protocol functions (prefix syntax)).
The following functions are used to manage OAuth and OpenID protocols:
AuthIdentifyPerforms an authentication using the OAuth 2.0 protocol on any web service.
AuthImportTokenCreates a web service access token from a token description in JSON format.
AuthRefreshTokenRefreshes a user's OAuth2 token when it expires.
OpenIDReadIdentityRetrieves the identity of a user contained in an AuthToken variable.

The following are variables specific to the OAuth and OpenID protocols:
AuthTokenThe AuthToken type contains the characteristics of a token to access a web service.
JWTParametersThe JWTParameter type is used to define all the data required for JWT-based authentication.
OAuth2ParametersThe OAuth2Parameters type is used to define the information required to authenticate on a web service implementing the OAuth 2.0 standard.
OpenIDIdentityThe OpenIDIdentity type is used to define all the advanced characteristics of a user connected to a web service via the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
OpenIDParametersThe OpenIDParameters type is used to define all the advanced features of an authentication for OpenID.
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Last update: 06/25/2024

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