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  • Overview of Spreadsheet control
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Overview of Spreadsheet control
The spreadsheet is one of the most often used business tools.
The "Spreadsheet" control is a native control: it doesn't require a spreadsheet software to be installed on the computer (and therefore no license to manage).
With this control, no more navigation between applications, no external software to control!
Some benefits of this control:
  • The content of Spreadsheet control can be saved (or loaded) in Excel format directly (XLSX format).
  • The Spreadsheet control is compatible with Excel, OpenOfficeCalc, FreeOffice, ...
  • The Spreadsheet control reads the worksheets coming from Excel (XLSX).
This compatibility allows you to re-use existing spreadsheets or to re-use calculations performed in the Spreadsheet control.
Caution: The protected worksheets and the locked cells are not supported by the Spreadsheet control.
The Spreadsheet control can be used:
Versions 21 and later
WINDEV The Spreadsheets controls are now available in the reports.
New in version 21
WINDEV The Spreadsheets controls are now available in the reports.
WINDEV The Spreadsheets controls are now available in the reports.
Related Examples:
The Spreadsheet control Unit examples (WINDEV): The Spreadsheet control
[ + ] Using the Spreadsheet control.
This example explains how to:
- load an xlsx file in a spreadsheet control,
- save the spreadsheet in a file,
- fill the control with data coming from the database,
- insert rows, columns,
- access the cells and handle them (modify their value, their style, ...),
- enter formulas,
- ...
WD Reports Training (WINDEV): WD Reports
[ + ] This example presents the different methods for creating a report:

- prints based on different data sources (queries, variables, ...)
- prints based on controls (Table, Spreadsheet, PVT, ...)
- printing composite reports
- specific prints (portrait/landscape, report with watermark, report with bar code, ...)
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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22 Jul. 2018