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Overview of windows
Windows constitute the main interface of a WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application. Indeed, windows allow users to view and handle information. This information can be dynamic information (coming from files or queries) or static information (entered in the window controls directly).
Creating a window
To create a window:
  1. Click in the quick access buttons:
    • The creation window appears: click "Window" then "Window".
    • The window creation wizard starts.
  2. Select the type of window to create:
    • the "Standard" tab is used to created blank windows, without any control.
      • Universal Windows 10 App The "Blank" option is used to create maximized or non-maximized windows.
    • the "RAD" tab is used to create RAD windows. These windows can be used to display and enter data. This type of window can be based on a data file, on a query, ...
    • the "Internal window" tab allows you to create windows that can be used by an Internal window control.
    • the "Based on a template" tab allows you to create a window using a window template provided with the IDE or created previously.
    • WINDEV the "Import" tab is used to create a window from the import of an existing non-WINDEV window.
To display the characteristics of the window, select "Description" in the context menu of the window.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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