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  • Configuring the print parameters
  • Adding a printer
  • Adding a printer
  • Configuring the printers by programming
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Stored procedures
iConfigure and iParameter are used to display, on the Pocket PC screen, a window for configuring the printers used by a WINDEV Mobile application. This help page presents the operating mode of this window.
Configuring the print parameters
This window allows the user to choose the printer that will be used for the printout among the referenced printers. You also have the ability to configure the printers that can be used from this Pocket PC via the "Option" menu.
You can:
  • add a new printer
  • modify a printer that is already defined
  • define the default printer. Then, this printer will be automatically used for all the other prints. This printer is displayed in bold.
  • delete a printer.
Remark: All the printers listed in this window can only be used for a WINDEV Mobile application.
Adding a printer

Adding a printer

To add a new printer, the user must perform the following operations:
  1. Select "Option .. Add...".
  2. The following screen is displayed:
In this window, the user must:
  • Type the printer name. This name will be displayed in the list of referenced printers.
  • Specify the type of print and its characteristics:
    • Print by Bluetooth
    • Print by Infrared
    • Print by Wi-Fi or network card: the URL of the printer must be specified
    • Print in a PCL file: the name of PCL file that will be generated must be specified.
  • Choose the type of printer among the proposed list. This list contains all the printers supported by WINDEV Mobile.
The <Generic> option is used to select a printer that is not found in the list. The printout will use the standard options of the PCL format.
Configuration required for printing via Bluetooth
  • the printer must be a PCL printer
  • the printer must accept the Bluetooth layer.
  • the name of the Bluetooth output port of Pocket PC must be known (COM8: in most cases)
Configuring the printers by programming
The parameters regarding the printers referenced for the WINDEV Mobile applications are stored in the registry, at the following address:
The following information is stored:
  • The printer name. This name corresponds to a registry key.
  • Connexion: The type of connection associated with the printer:
    1. Infrared printer
    2. WiFi or network printer
    3. PCL file
  • Fichier: Name of the PCL file to generate
  • URL: URL of the printer for a network printer
  • Printer: Model of the printer. This model must be:
    • a printer chosen in the list of printers supported by WINDEV Mobile
    • "" (empty string) for a generic printer.
  • Version: unused parameter (0 by default).


You have the ability to modify the registry of Pocket PC:
  • from a WINDEV Mobile application with the RegistryXXX functions of WINDEV Mobile
  • from a standard WINDEV application with the ceRegistryXXX functions of WINDEV.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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