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7. "Mobile friendly" site: Dynamic serving
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"Dynamic serving" is a technique where the same address (URL) leads to 2 different pages: a page for PC and a page for mobile.
The proper page will be displayed according to the device (PC or mobile) that accesses the page.
It is an alternative (of even complementary) to "Responsive Web Design" to make a standard site "mobile friendly". With "Dynamic serving", no need to modify the existing pages: all you have to do is add some for the mobile devices.
This technique benefits from great SEO (Google).
The site includes 2 sets of pages: the pages for computer and the pages for mobile device. These pages are associated 2 by 2.
When the page address is typed in the browser, the environment used is automatically detected and the corresponding page (computer or mobile device) is displayed in the browser. The address displayed in the browser does not change: only the content displayed is adapted to the system.
All the links and the pages opened in the code are automatically redirected to the corresponding page in the current platform.
  • The detection of the environment is performed according to the Google recommendations: the tablets are not considered as being mobile devices.
  • The pages are identified by Google as being in "Dynamic serving" mode. Therefore, the different page versions are optimized. If the mobile pages are developed properly, the site is considered as being "Mobile friendly".
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