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  • 1 Sending the email from the Web user's computer
  • 2 Sending the email from the server (Session or AWP pages only)
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19. Sending emails
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In a Web site, emails make it possible to:
  • simplify communication between Web users: sending emails to the site manager, mailshot, etc.
  • validate an order: in a business site, an email is sent to the Web users in order to validate their orders.
  • transfer data from one computer to another: the new orders entered in a business site are transferred by email to the company headquarters, etc.
Two methods can be used to send emails from a site.
1 Sending the email from the Web user's computer
Use this method when the Web user must send an email to a specific address: author of site, technical support, sales department, ...
The EmailOpenMail browser function is used to open the email software of the Web user. Some parameters can be filled by default: email address of recipient, ...
This method allows you to use the messaging software of Web user: no specific process must be performed in the WEBDEV site.
2 Sending the email from the server (Session or AWP pages only)
In this case, the server manages the emails.
The emails can be sent:
  • in the WEBDEV site directly (for an email data transfer, or for an order confirmation email, for example);
  • by the email spooler (supplied with WEBDEV).
Use this method for a custom management of emails:
  • checking the content of the emails sent by the web users ("mailing-list" site),
  • checking the validity of recipient address,
  • encrypting the information sent by email,
  • validating a process, etc.
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