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New WEBDEV 25 feature!
  • This lesson will teach you the following concepts
  • Overview
  • Local WEBDEV administrator
  • Remote WEBDEV administrator
Lesson 6.2. Managing a site
This lesson will teach you the following concepts
  • Local WEBDEV administrator.
  • Remote WEBDEV administrator.
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Estimated time: 10 mn
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Two tools can be used to manage the WEBDEV sites (and the Webservices):
  • the WEBDEV administrator.
  • the remote WEBDEV administrator.
Local WEBDEV administrator
The WEBDEV administrator is an application, installed with the Application Server.


The WEBDEV administrator can be used only if you can directly access the Web server on which your site is deployed.
This application includes seven parts, represented by seven tabs:
  • Connections: Displays the list of users connected to the sites and allows you to disconnect a user.
    WEBDEV administrator, 'Connections' tab
  • Sites : Lists the sites deployed on the server as well as their parameters:
    WEBDEV administrator, 'Sites' tab
  • Webservices : Lists the webservices deployed on the server as well as their parameters.
  • Configuration: Used to manage the server configuration.
    WEBDEV Administrator, 'Configuration' tab
  • Advanced : Configures the additional server parameters such as print management, email spooler, ...
    WEBDEV administrator, 'Advanced' tab
  • Setups/Accounts: Used to lock the server for maintenance, to allow or forbid the remote setups and to configure the log of setups. This log is used to trace the elements installed in a site. It is especially useful before contacting our Technical Support if you encounter errors during the deployment.
    WEBDEV Administrator, 'Setups/Accounts' tab
  • Logs: Used to see the logs for the sites or webservices for a specific period. The elements displayed are the elements for which errors occurred during the specified period and for which the logs are enabled.
Remote WEBDEV administrator
The remote administrator is a WEBDEV site that provides features similar to the WEBDEV administrator but that can be used to manage the WEBDEV sites remotely.


If you are using the remote administrator, the security configuration is important, we advise you to access it via an HTTPS connection and to choose strong passwords.
Remark: This tool is not available with the WEBDEV application server 10 connections.
When deploying your dynamic site at a hosting company (and if this hosting company allows the remote management of your site), this tool can be used to update the parameters of your site.
  • To start WDAdminWeb250:
    1. Open your favorite browser (Internet Explorer for example) on your computer.
    2. Type the following URL in the address bar of browser (while respecting the case):

      where "computer" is the name of deployment server.
    3. Type the login and password used to connect to the remote WEBDEV administrator.
    4. The administrator starts.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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