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  • Conditional statements
  • Loop statements
  • Branch statement
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Stored procedures
Conditional statements
The conditional statements are as follows:
IFRuns an action or another one according to a condition
SWITCHRuns an action or another one according to an expression
Loop statements
The loop statements are as follows:
FORThe statement block is repeated until a limit value
FOR EACHHyperFileSQL browse (full browse, browse with search, browse with filter)
FOR EACHIterates through the arrays
FOR EACHIterates over the characters of a string
FOR EACHIterates through the controls
LOOPThe statement block is repeated endlessly
WHILEThe statement block is repeated according to a condition

The FOR EACH statement can also be used to browse the .Net objects that implement the IEnumerable interface.
Branch statement
The branch statement is as follows:
GOTOBranches to a given label
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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