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Stored procedures
A style sheet (".STY" extension) contains:
  • the style of window controls (background color, font, border, ...),
  • the information regarding the aspect of window controls (background image, dimension, ...).
When creating a project, several style sheets are automatically associated with the project:
  • a default WINDEV style sheet.
    This style sheet contains several default styles for all the types of controls. This application is found in the "\Programs\Data" directory of setup directory of WINDEV.
  • a custom style sheet.
    When creating a project, this empty style sheet is automatically associated with the current project and it is named "<ProjectName>.STY". This style sheet is created in the project directory.
    This style sheet contains:
    • style information regarding the window (background image, background color).
    • style information regarding the menu options.
    • the style of the controls (and some properties of the controls such as the alignment).
      This style sheet is fully modifiable and customizable.
  • a skin-template style sheet if the project is associated with a skin template.
    This style sheet contains the styles proposed by the skin template of the project for all types of controls.
    Remark: The skin-template style sheet associated with the project depends on the skin template of the project. If the skin template of the project is modified, the skin-template style sheet associated with the project will be changed. To change the skin template of the project, you can use one of the following methods:
    • in the "Style" tab of the project description, in "Project skin template", select the desired skin template.
    • on the "Project" tab, in the "Other actions" group, "Apply a skin template to the project". Select the desired skin template.
    For more details, see Skin template.
How to?

Operations that can be performed on the styles

Most of the operations made on the styles are performed in the custom style sheet. The window editor proposes a specific interface allowing you to perform these operations.
From the interface of the window editor, you can:
For an advanced management of style sheets (customizing the skin-template style sheets for example), WINDEV allows you to handle the ".STY" file in the window editor.
From the ".STY" file, you can:
Remark: You also have the ability to compare two style sheets. For more details, see Project comparator.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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