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Stored procedures
In most cases, most of the presentation styles are created when designing a site.
Once the site is designed, half of the created styles is not used. This increases the size of pages and makes the edit more difficult.
WEBDEV proposes to find the unused styles in order to optimize your sites and your projects.
How to proceed?

Finding the unused styles and deleting them

To find the unused styles:
  1. On the "Project" pane, in the "Audit and performance" group, expand "Edition audit" and select "Trigger edition audit". In the wizard, select the type of audit to perform.
  2. The window that is displayed lists all the potential problems of your project. The unused styles are found in the "Cleaning" category.
  3. If unused styles are found, click the [...] button. The window that is displayed lists all the unused styles found in your WEBDEV project. The list presents the WEBDEV and CSS styles found in the different style sheets linked to the project, for each type of control.
To delete one or more styles:
  1. In the window of unused styles, select the styles to delete (a multi-selection can be performed).
  2. Click the "Delete" button (or select "Delete the selected styles" from the popup menu).
  3. The style is immediately deleted from the list. It will not be taken into account during the next generation of pages.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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