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Stored procedures
Configuring the development environment
From version 18, this feature is no longer available.
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose different modes for using the development environment.
The following choices are proposed when the product is started for the first time:
  • Retrieve the configuration of the environment from an earlier version. This option allows you to easily restore all your settings performed in an earlier version installed on your computer.
  • Simplified environment. This option is recommended to discover WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile. Some advanced features are not displayed in the environment (SCM, Control Centers, Business Rules, ...). These features can be re-enabled at any time if necessary.
  • Full environment. This option allows you to use an exhaustive environment. Some options rarely used in the earlier versions are replaced by new features.
You also have the ability to choose the screen configuration:
  • single-screen: the different panes will be displayed on the same screen as the development environment.
  • multi-screen: the development environment will be displayed on a screen and the different panes will be grouped on the second screen.
  • wide screen: the free space on the right of the screen is optimized to free the bottom of the editor.
The environment can be changed or customized at any time.
Modifying the development environment
When using WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile, the selected environment mode can be easily identified: it is displayed below the logo of the version. For example:
To change the environment:
  • click the current mode.
  • select "Tools .. Options .. Options of the environment".
The window for configuring the environment is displayed.
Options of the environment
The window for configuring the environment is used to:
  • in the "Environment" tab, define the available features.
  • in the "Panes" tab, choose the dockable windows to display.
The "Restart the wizard for configuring the environment" button allows you to restart the configuration wizard used when the product was started for the first time.

Colors of toolbars

The color of toolbars can be configured. To do so, click the little colored icon found in the upper-right corner of the window of the development environment (below the logo of the version). A popup window allows you to configure the lightness of the background of the toolbars as well as the main color.

"Environment" tab

Check the features to enable and uncheck the features to disable.

"Panes" tab

  • Dockable windows: Select the check boxes corresponding to the elements that must be displayed in the environment: panes, bar of opened documents, modifier, Position preview, Control Centers, ... For more details, see Handling the panes.
  • Various: Used to display or hide the tab bar and set the FishEye mode:
    • Never: the "FishEye" mode will never be enabled.
    • When the zoom is included between 25% and 75%: the "FishEye" mode will be enabled according to the zoom value.
    • When the zoom is less than 100%: the "FishEye" mode will be enabled according to the zoom value.
    • When Ctrl and Shift are pressed: the "FishEye" mode will be enabled when pressing a specific key combination.
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  • Version 14
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