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  • Overview
  • Generating the setup program
  • How to proceed?
  • Installing the framework
  • Installing the program on a Mobile device (Pocket PC)
  • WFP file
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Stored procedures
WPINST : Generating the setup program
Generating the setup program is used to create the setup program according to the characteristics specified in the setup editor WPINST.
The setup program (in CAB or MSI format) will be generated in a directory in order to be copied onto different media.
By default, the setup program is generated in the "Install" subdirectory of your application.
The generation of the setup program and the choice of its support are performed in the setup editor WPINST. To start WPINST, go to the "Tools" pane, "Utilities" group and click "WDInst".
The setup program creation wizard can also be used to generate the setup program.
Generating the setup program
The generation directory of the setup is the directory where the setup program will be generated on the development computer. By default, this directory corresponds to the INSTALL subdirectory of the current project.
The setup program corresponds to a MSI or CAB file. Then this file can be copied onto any media (diskette, CD, ...).

How to proceed?

To generate the setup program
  1. Select "File .. Generate".
  2. Specify the generation directory of the setup.
  3. Validate the generation of the setup program ("Generate" button).

Installing the framework

The WINDEV framework corresponds to all the WINDEV libraries (.DLL files). WINDEV Mobile proposes 2 methods for installing all the WINDEV libraries with the application:
  1. Installing the framework on the Pocket PC. In this case, the WINDEV framework is installed in the "Windows\PC SOFT\WD25.0" directory. This framework is installed once only. This framework is used by all the WINDEV Mobile applications installed on this computer.
  2. Installing the renamed DLLs. In this case, the WINDEV DLLs must be renamed. The renamed DLLs are installed in the directory of the executable.
The option "Use a set of renamed DLLs" allows you to install an application using a custom framework. This option was defined when creating the executable.

Installing the program on a Mobile device (Pocket PC)

To install the program on a Mobile device (Pocket PC):
  1. Copy the MSI file onto a PC. The PC will have to be connected to the Pocket PC in order for the setup to be performed on the Pocket PC.
  2. Run the MSI file on the PC. The application setup starts.
Remark: If the Pocket PC is not connected to the PC when running the setup, the setup will be performed during the next synchronization between the PC and the Pocket PC.
WFP file
Whenever the setup program is generated, the setup editor WPINST creates a ".WFP" file containing the description of the development program. This file is used to edit the description of the setup program in WPINST. By default, this file is named "<ApplicationName>.WFP" and it is saved in the directory of the application on the development computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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