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Stored procedures
Deploying a WEBDEV site on a remote WEBDEV application server
Installing a dynamic WEBDEV (in Session or AWP mode) site on a remote application server requires:
  • A Web server.
  • The WEBDEV Application Server installed on the deployment Web server:
    • For an Application Server in version 24 or earlier, any version of WEBDEV (up to version 24) can be used on the development computer.
    • For an Application Server in version 25 or later, WEBDEV 24 or later must be used on the development computer.
      Special case: for a remote deployment from WEBDEV 24 on an Application Server in version 25 or later, request the WWINST.EXE module for WEBDEV 24 in the Useful resources page: https://www.windev.com/ts/useful_resources.htm, "Upgrades available for WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile".
  • An FTP server installed on the deployment Web server only for a deployment by FTP. The FTP server is not necessary for an HTTP deployment.
  • The creation of a WEBDEV account in the WEBDEV administrator, the communication of account name and password.
  • The creation of an FTP account, the communication of name and password of FTP account as well as the IP address of server.
The different steps
The different steps for deploying on a remote server are as follows:
  1. Entering information about the server.
    A connection is automatically established with the server. The usernames and passwords are checked.
    This step is used to define all the options for accessing the server (HTTPS protocol, authenticated requests, FTP server, etc.)
  2. Selecting the files to install.
  3. Automatic data file modification.
  4. Configuring the WEBDEV administrator and setup mode.
  5. File transfer and setup.
    Error messages can be displayed at different steps of remote setup. For more details, see Errors during a setup by FTP.
  6. When the setup is completed, the wizard provides the command line used to start the site. This line can be copied (if necessary) into the clipboard via the popup menu.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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