• Overview
  • The different toolbars
  • Toolbar of controls
  • Toolbar for positioning the controls
  • Toolbar for control borders
  • Overview
  • The keyboard shortcuts
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Stored procedures
Several toolbars are displayed in the report editor:
  • the toolbar of controls.
  • the toolbar for positioning the controls.
  • the toolbar for control borders.
To display or hide these toolbars, select "Display .. Toolbars...".
The different toolbars

Toolbar of controls

This toolbar is used to create the different types of controls in a report and to configure the alignment of these controls.

Toolbar for positioning the controls

This toolbar is used to easily define the position of controls in a report.

Toolbar for control borders

This toolbar is used to draw borders around the controls in a report.
The report editors proposes a menu shaped like a ribbon that groups all its options. The following ribbon panes are specific to the report editor:
  • Creation: used to create all the controls found in the reports.
  • Modification: used to modify the characteristics of the report.
  • Alignment: used to manage the alignment options of the elements found in the report.
  • Display: used to specify the display options of the report and report controls in the editor.
The keyboard shortcuts
The main shortcuts that can be used in the report editor are as follows:
Action Shortcut
Enable/Disable the Live DataF8
Display the description of the control or cellF4
Display the list of controls found in the current reportF12
Display the list of classes in the "Project explorer" pane (and in the "Code" pane if it is displayed)Shift + F8
Display the list of global procedures in the "Project explorer" pane (and in the "Code" pane if it is displayed)Ctrl + F8
Display the full name of the blocks / Display the short name of the blocksF10
Display/Hide the border of controlsF5
Display/Hide the name of controlsF6
Display/Hide the report marginsF11
Display/Hide the rulersCtrl + R
Undo the last actionCtrl + Z
Stop the test mode (during the test of the project or report)Shift + F5
Paste the clipboard contentCtrl + V or Shift + Ins
Copy the style of selected elementCtrl + Shift + C
Copy the selected elementCtrl + C or Ctrl + Ins
Cut the selected elementCtrl + X or Alt + Del
Move the selected control or column to the rightRight arrow
Move the selected control or column to the leftLeft arrow
Display the code associated with the selected element in the "Context-sensitive view of code" paneCtrl + Shift + F2
Edit the selection codeF2
Save the reportCtrl + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
Save allAlt + S
Close all opened elementsCtrl + Shift + W
Print the documentation about the current reportCtrl + P
Hide the horizontal panesCtrl + Q
Hide all (dockable panes)Ctrl + W
Assign the bold attribute to the selected controlCtrl + G
Assign the italic attribute to the selected controlCtrl + I
New (Create an element)Ctrl + N
Open (Open an element)Ctrl + O
Open a projectCtrl + Shift + O
Restore (Undo the last action)Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z
Underline the selected controlCtrl + U
Delete the selectionDel
Trace the projectAlt + F9
Run the project testCtrl + F9
Run the test of current reportF9
Show the report in 3DAlt + D
Zoom at 100 %Ctrl + Alt + 0
Zoom +/-Ctrl + mouse wheel
Caution: The "+" sign means that the keys must be pressed simultaneously
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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