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Stored procedures
From version 25, this feature is not available anymore.
WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile allow you to import Visual Basic elements into a WINDEV ou WINDEV Mobile project.
How to proceed?
To import Visual Basic elements:
  1. Select "File.. Import.. A project or Visual Basic elements".On the "Project" pane, in the "Project" group, expand "Import" and select "Visual Basic project or elements".
  2. Select the file to import:
    • Visual Basic project (".VBP" file)
    • Visual Basic form (".FRM" file)
    • Visual Basic modules (".BAS" file)
  3. In the wizard, specify the type of import to perform:
    • Importing all the elements into a new project
    • Importing some elements into the current project
  4. Specify the database password (if necessary).
  5. If you have chosen to import some of the project elements only, select these elements in the list that is displayed.
  6. Specify the import parameters:
    • Converting the Visual Basic code into WLanguage
    • Keeping (or not) the Visual Basic code as comments in the WLanguage code
    • Applying the skin template of the project (when importing elements)
  7. Validate. The import is performed.
Caution: Importing the Visual Basic elements can take quite a long time.

Limitations during the import

Most of the automatic processes are retrieved.
However, all the codes cannot be retrieved during the import because the complexity of the code makes it difficult to interpret.
The accesses to the database files are not always migrated. Indeed, these accesses are very different from the ones performed in WINDEV and they are often a lot more complex.
We advise you to rewrite the accesses to the databases (or to the serial ports) with the WLanguage syntaxes: your code will be clearer and more readable.
The limitations of this feature are as follows:
  • The import of Visual Basic project has been checked with Visual Basic 6 projects. You should also be able to import the earlier versions.
  • Only the ".bas" (Modules), ".vbp" (Project) and ".frm" (form) files are imported.
  • No emulation of the management of accesses to the databases by the Visual Basic code.
  • No management of subscripted controls (except for the radio buttons and for the check boxes)
  • The type and content of the ActiveX are not converted.
  • The declarations of module variables are imported as declarations that are not global to the project.
Known limitations of this version
The limitations of this version are as follows:
  • The import odes not create any browsing Table, List Box or Combo Box controls (dbGrib, dbCombo, ...).
  • The "references" (ocx, ...) are not imported.
  • The classes are not imported.
  • No management of parameters in the event processes.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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