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Stored procedures
To better analyze the content of the sites, the search engine of Google is using an XML file named "Sitemap" (if it is available).
This file, found on the server that is hosting the site, describes the links to the pages to reference. This file is automatically generated when a site is installed by WEBDEV. This file is available for the AWP sites, for the static sites and for the PHP sites.
The file is a complement to the referencing wizard and it is used to better reference the site pages. For example, if a page includes no link that can be used by a robot (link containing JavaScript code for example), the page is described in this file (the link is converted into a format that can be analyzed by the engines) and it is referenced.
How to?
To create a Sitemap file:
  1. Create your static, PHP or AWP site.
  2. For each page of your site, specify:
    • whether the page must be referenced or not ("Do not allow SEO" in the "Details" tab of the page description). If the page must be referenced, it will appear in the Sitemap file.
    • the expressions and keywords associated with each referenceable page of the site ("Details" tab of the description window of the page). These keywords will be used by the robots to reference the pages.
    • the frequency for updating your page (every day, every week, ...). If you don't know, we advise you to select "Undefined" rather than an incorrect information.
    • the internal priority of the page (high, low, ...). This priority allows you to propose a page of your site rather than another one when performing searches.
  3. Install your site via the setup options supplied by WEBDEV:
    • for a WEBDEV AWP site, use the wizard for setup creation: on the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, expand "Deploy site" and select "Generate and deploy site".
    • for a static WEBDEV site or for a PHP site, use WDDeploy: on the "Tools" tab, in the "Web utilities" group, click "WDDeploy".
The "Sitemap.xml" file is automatically generated on the server when a setup is performed at the root of the <Project_Name>_WEB directory and at the root of each language directory.
  • A "_Sitemap.xml" file is generated on the development computer. This file contains the references to the pages included in the SiteMap file. This file cannot be used because it is automatically filled/modified when installing the site.
  • If the site contains a site map with URLs with parameters, these URLs are automatically referenced in the SiteMap file.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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