• The steps for creating a RAD pattern
  • Generating a RAD pattern
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Generating the RAD pattern
The steps for creating a RAD pattern
The steps for creating a RAD pattern are as follows:
  1. Creating the "RAD pattern" project.
  2. Creating the different windows and pages of the pattern.
  3. Generating the RAD pattern.
  4. Using the RAD pattern.
Generating a RAD pattern
To generate a RAD pattern:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, click "Generate".
  2. In the wizard that is displayed, specify:
    • The name of the pattern as well as its description.
      This name will be used to identify the pattern when using the full application RAD or when generating the windows or pages.
      The description is used to describe the main features of the pattern. This description is used by the Full Application RAD only.
    • The elements that can be generated on their own. These elements will be proposed when creating a window or a page. For each element, the arrow found in the table enables you to enter a caption and a description. For example:
      • Caption: Table (with edit)
      • Description: Allows you to view the file records in a table and to enter new ones.
        Tip: We advise you to only propose the windows or the pages that relate to the RADFileB and RADFileD files.
    • Whether a skin template can be applied to the elements generated by RAD. If the pattern is associated with a skin template, we recommend that you do not allow the skin template to be applied.
    • Whether the generated tables must keep their display mode (editable or read-only) or not. If tables do not keep their display mode, the wizard for RAD generation will propose to manage the table in edit or in read-only.
      WINDEV Whether the developer is allowed or not to include the automatic help menu in the application. If the automatic help menu is allowed, a specific plane will propose to include the "?" menu during the RAD generation.
    • Whether the images of the menus can be customized or not. If the images of the menus can be customized, the images of the menu (in button or Carousel format) will use the images specified by the developer who performs the generation. You can specify the recommended size for the images.
    • The image of the pattern. This image will be used to identify the pattern. The image of the first project window is proposed by default. You have the ability to choose an image from another window or an image coming from a file.
  3. Validate. The RAD pattern is generated. The file named <Pattern Name>.Pattern is created in the EXE sub-directory of the project.


The visibility characteristic of the automatic identifier defined in the pattern is kept during the generation. Therefore, if the automatic identifier is invisible in the pattern of a form, the control generated in the corresponding page will also be invisible.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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