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  • Creating a query with parameters
  • Test of a query with parameters
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Stored procedures
Creating a query with parameters
Regardless of the query type (Select, Insert, Delete, Update) and regardless of its creation mode (with the wizard or by SQL directly), you have the ability to use parameters. The name of the parameter is specified when creating the query.
To create a query with parameters:
  1. Create a query. See How to create a query? for more details.
  2. When defining the selection conditions:
    • specify that the selection condition corresponds to a parameter,
    • give the name of this parameter.
Test of a query with parameters
To run the test of a query with parameters:
  1. Open the query with parameters in the query editor.
  2. Click among the quick access buttons.
  3. Specify the value of the parameters that will be used for the query test. In this window, you have the ability to select an existing value via . The following menu is displayed:
  4. You can:
    • select one of the possible values among the values found in the file
    • view the entire file.
      Caution: This option is available only if Live Data is enabled. See Live Data for more details.
  5. Validate. The query result is displayed according to the specified values.
Remark: If no parameter was selected (unchecked parameter), the conditions that use the parameters will be ignored.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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