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How to access the help?
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile include several methods for accessing the help system at any time:
Online help


The online help is common to all products: WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile.
The local help is proposed by default (by using the files installed on the development computer). It is displayed in a specific help browser.
If your computer is equipped with an Internet access, the help page currently found in the "Help browser" can be displayed in its Internet version ("View the corresponding page on Internet" link).
The Internet online help is available from any computer equipped with an Internet access, without the product being necessarily installed. This help is updated on a regular basis.
Each Web user can add comments about the documentation pages: personal notes, examples, links, ...

How to display the help

The help can be accessed from the editor: under "Home", in the group "Online help", unroll "Help".. The following options are available:
  • "Help index". This option is used to access the help pages via the keywords that have been defined on these pages.
  • "Summary". This option is used to access the information classified by theme. Each theme can be "expanded".
  • "Find in the help...". This option is used to perform a search on all help pages accessible from this file. All you have to do is type the sought expression. This expression will be sought in all help pages. All the pages containing the specified words are listed and they can be displayed.
Furthermore, you also have the ability to press the F1 key or to click the button to get the help corresponding to the current window or to the selected function (for example, press F1 to display the help about the function currently typed in the code editor).

Starting the Internet online help from the product

To start the Internet online help from the product:
  1. Under "Home", in the "Environment" group, scroll down "Options" and select "General options of XXX".
  2. In the "Help" tab, select the access mode to the help database: "Use the online help" and the preferred language.
  3. Validate.
Remark: To switch back to local help, simply display the same screen and select the "Use the local help" option..
The guide is used to display the help, the wizards or the examples available in WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile.
To use the guide:
  1. Under "Home", in the "Online help" group, scroll down "Help" and select "Consult the guide".. The window used to perform a search in the guide is displayed.
  2. Type the keyword for your search. The similar keywords and the available help systems are automatically displayed.
  3. Choose the desired document and click on the "Open" or "Import" button depending on the type of document.
See The guide for more details.
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