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Stored procedures
A branch is used to create a copy of the current project in order to perform modifications, additions, ... on two versions of the same project.
For example: creating a branch allows you to prepare a new version of your application while correcting the problems in the deployed version. The main project will be the project corresponding to the new version and the branch project will be the deployed project, in which the bug correction will be performed.
How to proceed?
To create a branch:
  1. Open your project.
  2. Select "SCM .. Branches .. Create a branch".On the "SCM" pane, in the "Project" group, expand "Branches" and select "Create a branch".
  3. The wizard for branch creation starts. This wizard allows you to create a copy of the project branch, locally on your computer and in the SCM repository.
    Creating a branch
  4. Specify a name for the branch. This name can include letters, numbers, ... This name is important because it will be used:
    • to identify the directories of the projects affected by the version,
    • to identify the different versions in the project history, ...
  5. Go to the next step.
  6. Specify the name of directory to create for the branch.
    Creating a branch
    By default:
    • a new directory is created in the SCM. By default, this directory is composed of "Branches\<Branch name>\<Projects WX>\<Project name>". The SCM project will be duplicated in this directory.
    • a new directory is created locally. By default, this directory is created in "MyProjects.Branches\<Branch name>\<Project name>". This directory will contain the local project of the branch.
    Note: The proposed names are the default directory names. To modify these names:
    • Display the source code manager options: on the "Home" pane, in the "Environment" group, expand "Options" and select "Source Code Manager options".
    • In the "Branches" tab, specify the default location for the branches. This location itself is based on the default project location specified in the general options of the editor.
  7. Go to the next step.
  8. Specify the comment associated with the branch creation and select the options for creating the branch:
    creating a branch
    • Use my local version as reference for the branch: Used to create the branch from the project version found in SCM (recommended) or from the local version.
    • Find and re-create the shares in the branch: Allows you to re-create all the shares between the different projects of the same branch. Note: this option does not automatically add into the branch the project that have a share. The option re-creates the shares when adding the other projects.
    • Open the new project once the branch is created: Allows you to directly open the project corresponding to the branch. A new instance of WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile will be run.
  9. Validate. The specified projects are created locally and in the SCM.


  • Sub-branches
    You have the ability to create sub-branches (branch created from a branch).
    The modifications performed in a sub-branch cannot be directly retrieved in the version currently developed. The modifications of the sub-branch must be retrieved in the branch then the modifications of the branch must be retrieved in the version currently developed.
  • Creating a branch thereafter
    You have the ability to create branches on an earlier version of the project by using the history.
    To create a branch thereafter:
    1. Display the project history.
    2. Select the requested history version.
    3. Click the "Create a branch" button.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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